Learn how you can quickly create your own intro or outro sequences with these easy-to-use and stylish transitions from RocketStock.

Cover image via Rocketstock

Whether you create strict corporate videos or free-flowing vlogs for your personal YouTube channel, the right intro transition or transition graphic can really make your video.

A consistent, stylized transition is an excellent way to build your brand and communicate consistently with your audience across all your content. Let’s take a look at how you can apply some transitions using the video pack Creator.

The RocketStock Creator pack works with the video editing program of your choice, but in this tutorial, I’ll be demonstrating its use with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Extend Your Clip

So once you’ve found the right place to add the transition, it’s important to have a clip playing throughout the length of the transition. So, drag your second clip (the clip you will be transitioning into) out to the length of the transition. Basically, the reason for this is so that there’s never a space or gap between clips because the graphic transitions and the images move with the transition.

If your footage is 1080p, just highlight the 4K transition slips and hit “Scale to Frame Size.”

Apply a Track Matte

The transition you’ve chosen will come with a corresponding Matte Clip, numbered accordingly. You can add a Track Matte effect to the clip below your matte. Once you’ve done this, open up Effects Controls, and then set the effect to Video 3 (because you’re telling the NLE which layer your matte is on). Then change Matte Alpha to Matte Luma.

Separate the Rest

Once you’ve applied all the necessary effects, you’ll need to cut the clip once the transition ends, and take the Track Matte off, as there is no effect on the remainder of the clip. After you’ve done this, you can keep adding the transition as many times as you want throughout the video or your intro sequence.

One last thing, the transitions, titles, lower thirds, and backgrounds are all customizable to fit whichever color scheme or style you’re going for.

Creator Pack

Check out more of this YouTube friendly pack over on RocketStock. Over 250 video elements to use in all of your videos.

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