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Whether it’s with wallpaper or fabric, using patterns is a great way to bring some color into your home. With this craft project from The Gold Jellybean‘s Shaleah Soliven, you can create your own patterned name sign to hang on your wall (or to give as a great gift). It’s easy, inexpensive, and fun.

To start this project, you’ll need a straight edge, various patterns, a printer, and a frame. If you can’t find the right size frame, you can make one by using some bass or balsa wood from your local craft store, along with stain or paint, foam core, and wood glue. I bought two 3″ x 36″ pieces of balsa wood to make my frame.

Next, I cut the wood to size, stained it, and used wood glue to put the frame together. Gluing a piece of foam core to the back of the frame gives it support and makes it sturdy. Now you’re ready for the fun part: scouring Shutterstock for some amazing patterns!

Once you have your frame and your patterns, you need to create your letters. Open a new Photoshop file that’s about the same size as your frame. Type in the name you want to use in your font of choice, and play with the size. You want to fill the frame, but make sure you leave a little room for the letters to breathe.

Rasterize your text layer, then open a new letter-size document. This will be the file you print from. Select your first letter and drag it into the new document.

Next, open your first pattern and place it into the print file, under the corresponding letter. Using the wand tool, select your letter.

While your letter is still selected, click the eyeball to hide its layer, and make your pattern layer active.

Apply a layer mask to your pattern. Now, you have a patterned letter!

Repeat these steps for each letter in the name. I did three letters per 8 1/2″ x 11″ page.

Print out all of your letters, and use an X-Acto knife or scissors to cut each one out.

To finish, either use glue or mounting squares to secure your letters in place.

And that’s it — your name art is ready to hang!

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About the author: Shaleah Soliven is a mom, interior designer, and blogger at The Gold Jellybean. She started the blog as a place to inspire DIY parents who have creative kids and an eye for design. Her goal is to reassure all parents that having kids doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun or style.