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Using illustrative prints to create your own wall gallery is a great way to add interesting artwork to any space. I’ve had the sea on my mind lately, so I opted for some vintage oceanic illustrations to complete this project.

To make your own wall gallery, you’ll need an assortment of frames and canvasses, gel medium, a brush, and a collection of printed-out images.

The first step is to prepare your canvas. I find it best to give it a couple of coats of white paint.

Next, start the transfer process by painting over your printed image with gel medium. The key here is to give it a nice thick coat. I use five layers, allowing each one to fully dry between coats.

It’s also important to paint over the white areas between delicate sections of the print, such as between the tentacles here.

Now we’ll get rid of that printer paper. Wet a paper towel, and use it to completely saturate the back of your print. Once the paper is wet enough, gently rub it away with your fingers.

Continue to wet the paper and rub it away until all you have left is your print on the gel medium. Allow this to fully dry before applying it to your canvas.

Before adhering the image to your painted canvas, coat the backside of your transferred image with more gel medium.

Lay the image onto your canvas and smooth out any bubbles, being careful not to tear your transfer. Give both your image and the canvas a final thick coating of gel medium. I like to get a little messy with this step and create some texture.

Use various images in frames and on different sized canvasses to complete your gallery, and arrange them on the wall.

Feel free to combine image transfers and simple framed prints to add more variety to your gallery!

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