Don’t let a soon-to-expire exclusivity agreement with another stock image agency hold you back from uploading images or footage clips to Shutterstock. Shutterstock’s “Opt Out” feature lets you upload your images or footage clips whenever it’s most convenient for you, and still respect your exclusivity obligations to other agencies. Put your exclusive images or footage clips on hold until your exclusivity contract runs out, at which point you’re free to distribute your content on Shutterstock without missing a day of sales.
Even if you are under an exclusive contract, we invite you to create a contributor account with Shutterstock. Once you’ve created an account and you’ve been accepted as a contributor, opting out of Shutterstock sales is as simple as clicking a button. Here’s how to do it:

1. Sign into your account (this will take you to your dashboard).

2. Choose “Your Account” from the drop down menu under “Resources.”


3. Scroll down to the section below your “Minimum Payout.”

4. Click all of the “Opt Out” boxes next to the items that apply, e.g. Shutterstock, Partners, Footage Sales, etc.


5. Click “Change Account Information.”

It’s that simple. While you’re in “Opt Out” status, you may upload your content for review. Any images or clips that are approved will be unavailable to buyers until you change your status.

As soon as your exclusivity contract has expired, you may return to your account and switch all items to “Opt In” in order to sell your images or clips through Shutterstock, right away! Since your content is already approved, there is no need to wait. Opt-In, and your images and clips will be available for download immediately.

As a reminder, Shutterstock never requires exclusivity from our contributors, so you’re free to maximize your revenues from your creative work however you choose. Contact us at to let us know your situation and we’ll do what we can to make this process easier. Good luck!