As you know, if you have an inquiry regarding your Shutterstock contributor account or portfolio, you can always email us at We are happy to help you resolve any issue you may be having or answer any questions that you may have.

We have created a list for you below with the email address you should write to for specific issues, should you require assistance. If you do not see an email address provided for your particular issue, please write to, and we will get your inquiry or issue to the best person to respond to you.

What If I’ve Already Submitted an Email to Shutterstock?

You should only submit one email to Shutterstock per issue or inquiry. Please be assured that we will respond to your email as fast as we can. Do not send us multiple emails as it will cause a delay in responding to your email.

Also, you may reply directly back to any email sent to you from the below email addresses. In fact, doing so will make sure that we can address your inquiry as fast as possible.


For submitting credentials or inquiries related to credentials for editorial images, please email

IDs/Account Changes

For inquiries or issues related to ID submissions, or requests to make changes to your account, please email

Inquiries Regarding Content

For inquiries or complaints regarding potential legal issues with content on Shutterstock, please email

On the Red Carpet Program

For inquiries or issues related to Shutterstock’s On the Red Carpet Program, please email

Tax Forms

For tax form submissions and tax questions, please email

What If My Issue is Not Listed Here?

If your inquiry or issue is not listed above, please write to, and we will get your email to the appropriate party. Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

Top Image: Question mark shaped clouds on blue sky by phloxii.