Blog Home Platform Solutions Consumer Acquisition Integrates Shutterstock API to Give Advertisers Access to High-Quality Visual Assets

Advertisers using Creative Marketplace can access Shutterstock’s royalty-free library to create high-performing ads quickly and easily

Advertisers today face an unprecedented challenge: how to stand out in a fraction of a second when consumers scroll through 300 feet of social media content daily.

As a business providing digital advertising products and services, Consumer Acquisition understands the importance and difficulty of grabbing attention. In March 2018, Consumer Acquisition integrated the Shutterstock API in their custom ad creation platform to help advertisers cut through the noise and improve returns on ad spend.

According to Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition,

“Advertisers need to quickly replace fatigued ads and discover new winners in order to maintain a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS), and Shutterstock’s vast video and image collection combined with our resources for generating ad creative is a key offering that we can now provide through our Creative Marketplace.”

Through this integration, Consumer Acquisition is able to leverage the quality and volume of the Shutterstock library to give advertisers stunning assets that stop consumers in their infinite scroll.

By empowering advertisers to create effective ads in less time, this partnership makes it easy to scale social ad generation sustainably and profitably.

The Shutterstock API extends our robust library to meet advertisers’ needs as they arise. What can we build together for your users?

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