Constant Content integrated the Shutterstock API in 2016 to effectively meet client demands for impactful images. Learn more about their decision and results.

Case Study - How Constant Content Uses the Shutterstock API to Increase Revenue

Image by Roman Samborsky

For businesses of all stripes, content remains king.

In fact, research indicates that nearly 9 out of 10 business-to-business (B2B) companies will use digital content marketing given its effectiveness in generating leads and moving prospects through the buying stages.

However, for marketers, content creation still leaves much to be desired. In 2018, marketers identified the need for more original content (22%) and more visual components in content (22%) as the top two areas for improvement.

Constant Content was built on the promise of high-quality, original content that is available on an on-demand basis for a number of topics. Thus, it directly meets marketer’s first need in terms of content improvement.

However, Constant Content had to adapt quickly as the need for visual elements became increasingly prominent.

In 2016, there was an uptick in client requests for images to be included with the content they were purchasing. In response, Constant Content began exploring image API solutions that would allow them to deliver images to clients at scale.

According to Isaac Justesen,

“The root problem is deeper than clients needing images. Rather, it’s that content with images outperform and that clients expect high-performing, original content from us. Delivering on client expectations without infringing on their time and resources is critical.

The Shutterstock API integration is ideal because it provides Shutterstock’s entire image library and world-class search experience to our clients’ fingertips. It merged with our solution seamlessly to enhance UX and maximizes content success.”

With the Shutterstock API, Constant Content was able to deploy a smart image recommendation feature that provided custom recommendations for images. Moreover, the Shutterstock image API allows in-platform licensing and image downloads which meant that clients were able to eliminate the time-consuming process of sourcing images.

Along with UX optimization, Constant Content saw a 53% repeat image purchase rate and steady year-over-year increases in image purchases. This allowed the platform to resolve the need for original content with images and create a new stream of incremental revenue.

“The Shutterstock API makes our platform stickier by adding a new touchpoint for clients to interact with us, providing value for marketing agencies, SMBs, and enterprises alike, and giving them more reasons to come back to our platform. The data and quantitative feedback reaffirm our decision to integrate.”

Download the case study to get full details on Constant Content’s integration results.