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Constant Contact Users See a Boost in Email Marketing Performance Thanks to Eye-Catching Visuals

Emails with Shutterstock images saw a 36% increase in click-through-rates.

Businesses today have countless ways of reaching their target audiences — including through websites, social media, ads, apps, podcasts, events and of course, email. Connecting with potential customers via email has become increasingly difficult however, as inboxes get saturated with discounts, newsletters and updates from brands.

On top of that, Gmail’s Promotions Tab and Catalog Cards has challenged marketers further to create emails that stand apart, and are timely and engaging for their busy readers.

The need for speed (and great content)

Today, there’s no question that marketers need to deliver effective email campaigns with stunning visuals at a greater speed and volume than ever before. But the process of searching, downloading, and managing images is time-consuming and makes it difficult to launch campaigns quickly.

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To help businesses catch the attention of their audiences with engaging content, Constant Contact, a leading email marketing platform, now delivers millions of professional, royalty-free images from within its interface — an integration powered by Shutterstock’s API. The result? With thumb-stopping visuals at their fingertips, users are creating higher-performing email campaigns.

“Our customers can now look forward to spending less time searching for that perfect image, and more time growing their business,” said Ken Surdan, the SVP of Product at Constant Contact.

With direct access to beautiful visuals, Constant Contact users are speeding up their workflows in there major ways:

1. Accelerated email creation workflow

With millions of Shutterstock images available from within the Constant Contact platform, users can skip the time-consuming and inefficient work of searching, licensing and downloading visuals from another platform or service.

Now, adding a professional image to an email is as easy as clicking on the “Stock Image Gallery” button and searching for the perfect image across Shutterstock’s expansive, 360M+ royalty-free image library.

2. Advanced search capabilities to surface the perfect image

A large image library needs to be supported by a search mechanism that surfaces the perfect image for the individual needs of each business. In addition to providing fast access to the Shutterstock library, Constant Contact also leverages the Shutterstock API to deliver a powerful search experience for users.

Access millions of Shutterstock images directly from within Constant Contact.

Users can easily enter relevant keywords directly or select from over 25 popular categories to find visual inspiration for the image that will make an impact on their target audience.

3. Worry-free royalty-free licensing

Every single Shutterstock image is reviewed for quality, metadata accuracy, and compliance with copyright and intellectual property laws prior to being accepted into our library. This means that Constant Contact users can enjoy the peace of mind that the images they use are backed by a license that permits commercial usage. Moreover, images can be licensed directly within their workflows further saving users time and frustration.

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Emails with Shutterstock images saw a 36% increase in click-through-rates

Direct access to millions of high-quality, diverse images — plus advanced search capabilities to find great content quickly — are having a direct impact on email performance.

The results 

We found that email campaigns using Shutterstock images had a 36% increase in click-through rates compared to the average for all emails sent through Constant Contact. Additionally, email campaigns using Shutterstock images also had an 8% increase in open rates compared to the average email sent through Constant Contact.

In a crowded inbox, direct access to impactful visuals are empowering marketers to create higher-performing email content, engage their audiences and keep customers coming back for more.

Interested in learning more about the Constant Contact and Shutterstock integration? Contact our Partnerships Team directly here

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