Shutterstock’s computer vision team has been hard at work for the past few years inventing new ways to search that improve the Shutterstock experience for our customers. From reverse image search to visually similar search, these functionalities use state of the art machine learning technology to uncover more precise results in less time.

To give you even more control over your search results, we’re introducing Composition Aware Search in beta on Shutterstock Labs. Built on our next generation visual similarity model, this tool helps you find the exact image you need by placing keywords on a canvas and moving them around where you want subject matter to appear in the image. The patent-pending spatially aware technology will find strong matches based not only on your search terms, but also on the placement of your search terms.

Whether you’re a marketer, a designer, or a small business owner, this powerful search tool can become a unique part of your workflow. It gives you total control over the image composition on any project.

See how the tool works below, then try out Composition Aware Search for yourself.

Using the tool you can look for images of wine, moving the keyword around to where you want it to appear in the image.

You can even search for copy space and place it accordingly to find images with room for text, saving time and energy spent searching for an image to fit your message. By simply moving the placement of these keywords on the canvas, you can see the requested changes reflected in the image results.

Like all of Shutterstock’s innovations, this adaptive tools brings you much closer to the images you really need for any project.

Start your next search with Composition Aware Search, or try any of the powerful tools from Shutterstock Labs.