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Color Science: How Popular Colors Make Us Feel Different Emotions

Everyone from graphic designers to marketers to small business owners must consider the message they give off. Compelling advertisements or dynamic patterns are strongest when they leave the audience feeling something. Selecting the right color for your project can make all the difference. Research has shown that certain colors conjure up different emotions in us, and professionals should take notice. Here’s a look at the ways we’re affected by popular colors:

Shutterstock: Beautiful rose by natuska


Beautiful Red Rose | natuska

Not only does red remind us of intensity, but it also drives us to become more aggressive and forceful. People feel an increased level of energy when exposed to red images, and some shades will have them focused on other strong emotions: love. Red keeps things hot.

Shutterstock: Yellow balloons by Konstantin Sutyagin


Yellow Balloons | Konstantin Sutyagin

Yellow drives a different kind of energy — happiness. It brightens up any palette. The color of the sun rises above when it’s untainted by darkening agents. To appreciate the color’s fullest impact, allow yellow to stand on its own.

Shutterstock: Blue sea by Netfalls - Remy Musser


Boat in Blue Water | Netfalls – Remy Musser

Waking up a beautiful blue sky can influence our mood for the day. When that occurs, we are processing emotional stimuli that leaves us more carefree and calm.

Shutterstock: Green background by Andrey Armyagov


Green Citrus Bubbles | Andrey Armyagov

Green represents more than just nature. It can stir up emotions related to rebirth, freshness, and possibility. If you’re looking to change the way people think, start campaigning with something green. If you do, your audience will be more likely get on board.

Shutterstock: Brunette at sunset by conrado


Brunette at Sunset | conrado

Perhaps the most intriguing of these colors, orange pulls elements from both red and yellow and strikes a balance. Its flamboyance and originality inspires us. Orange is heavily associated with optimism and joy.

Shutterstock: Purple diamonds by Mihai Simonia


Purple Diamonds | Mihal Simonia

Purple is all about prestige. It symbolizes luxury and significance. Even just a splash of purple can change everything.

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