Christmas means something different to everyone, but we can all agree that it involves longstanding family and religious traditions designed to enhance our sense of community. In the 21st Century, this means our digital communities, too. As you sip away at your eggnog and tweet away the night, it’s good to exude the holiday spirit from your Twitter header on down. Here are curator Elizabeth Lapp’s top 5 ideas for picking header images that spread the Christmas cheer.
1. Invite Them In

Christmas Door by Mary Terriberry

Pick an image that says, “Come on in for some roasted chestnuts by the open fire,” and capture the feelings of welcoming and warmth this season. With the traditional colors and Christmas closeness on display, your followers will cozy up at a familiar-feeling place. When the weather changes for the worse, keep your spirits high and dry.

2. Contrast Is Cool

Bullfinches on Trees by fresher

Look at how the red offsets the black-and-white background in this image — the contrast is captivating. No matter where you layer text over the picture, there will be bright red bullfinches to spare, offering you the design flexibility to get your header just right.

3. Win With Whimsy

Tree With Red Berries by Ann_Mei

Is that a treetop or fluffy clouds? It’s a serene scene, for sure, and one that will resonate with your audience when they land on your page. Go for something youthful, fun, or cute, without being overly childish. Give your followers a feed that promises holiday joy and kindness.

4. Pick the Perfect Pattern

Christmas Paper by Nadin_1604

Tired of the reds and greens? It is actually possible to share your Christmas spirit with other radiant colors. Fancy up your feed with a scrapbook-y pattern featuring subtle Christmastime details. All the bells and whistles of the holiday are there — you just have to look a little bit closer. ‘Tis the season to be different.

5. Set the Scene

Red Benches by Jaroslaw Grudzinski

People tend to get cabin-fever during the holidays, so try decorating your feed with a breath of fresh air. Vivid scenes that aren’t too busy will work best with your Twitter page. The holidays also often remind us of the smaller things in life, including nature’s goodness, so see if you can find an image with a natural feel. Think about inviting imagery — there’s room for two on this bench.

It’s the perfect time to trim your Twitter page as you would your tree, so go forth and make merry! For even more holiday inspiration, check out our lovingly curated Holiday Tool Kit.

Note: The images in this post are for inspiration and demonstration only. If you’d like to use these images personally, please purchase them on our site.