On Friday, Shutterstock announced two major milestones: the addition of the 25-millionth image to our library and the 300-millionth download of a licensed image from the collection.
While we continue to celebrate, check out the two contributions that marked these momentous occasions.

Our 25-millionth image

“Bright cat on a black background” by Natalia Koroleva

Our 300-millionth download

“Close-up of fresh green foliage” by Carlos Caetano

Our design team also put its own spin on the 25-million celebration by creating 25 visual representations of the number “25,” which we made into an eye-popping animated gif.

Of course, we’re still just getting warmed up. Stick around while we continue to grow, hit even greater numbers, and offer more of the best high-quality photos, illustrations, and footage on the market.