Our latest infographic shows how demand for images of people is changing to represent an authentic take on every walk of life. Using insights from Shutterstock downloads and searches, our data team discovered how businesses, advertisers, and marketing agencies are bringing more people, and more diversity, to their campaigns.

In 2012, a multicultural image entered Shutterstock’s top 25 people downloads for the first time. This year, the top 25 list includes five images of people with distinct backgrounds. For details on growth in downloads by ethnic background, view our complete Changing Faces infographic »

By Ethnic Background

We also explored gender, and found that image downloads of women and men are growing at the same rate year-over-year, with twice as many male images chosen than female images. Images of transgender people are growing incredibly quickly from a year ago — nearly 100 countries downloaded at least one image of a transgender person in the first half of this year.

Our full infographic includes a point-of-view video that shows us a new way to see the world, featuring POV favorites from our collection. Watch the video, plus explore data on age, family, and more on the full infographic site »