We’ve partnered with our friends at global photography site Feature Shoot to spotlight some of the most compelling images in our Offset collection. This week, we explore urban landscapes in the alluring darkness of the night.

New York City-based photographer Tony Gale is like a shadow in the night, capturing the city when all the hustle and bustle of daytime has dimmed to a quiet hum. He has shot at night all over the world, discovering moments of enchantment long after the sun has fallen. At night, he says, the world is transformed, made alien by the descending darkness and shuttered windows.

Street by park and church at night by Tony Gale

Gale prefers to shoot after everyone else has retired to bed, relishing the sensation of being the sole inhabitant of a forgotten urban landscape. “The whole world is yours alone,” he explains of night photography. Of course, this possession of the barren cityscape comes with its dangers, but the photographer notes that he feels secure in the early hours. He is careful and alert, and if he senses something out of place, he will immediately retreat to another location.

New York, NY, USA – November 1, 2012: Traffic rushes down a city street by Tony Gale

Before visiting a space at night, Gale scouts it in daylight, seeking locations that are remote and unlikely to have many parked cars and passersby by the time the clock hits midnight. In the empty landscape, he transforms streetlights into otherworldly starbursts, traffic into brushstrokes of light, and roads into secret passageways. The Manhattan bridge, errant trees, and the abandoned subway become bewitched beneath his gaze, as if the city itself holds its breath before the rising of the sun.

Elevated rail station in the city at night by Tony Gale

View more of Tony’s work below, then click through to his Offset portfolio for the full collection.

Streetlamp at night on street by Tony Gale
The Manhattan Bridge at night by Tony Gale
Parking lot entrance ramp at night by Tony Gale
A bridge illuminated by streetlights by Tony Gale

Top Image: A City Park at Night by Tony Gale

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