We’ve partnered with our friends at global photography site Feature Shoot to spotlight some of the most compelling images in our Offset collection. This week, we view the beautiful wildlife of Africa with photographer Beth Wold.

As a child, North Dakota-based photographer Beth Wold wanted to grow up to be a lion. She thumbed through wildlife textbooks, learning everything she could about the behaviors, environments, and conservation of the elegant and enigmatic beasts. In adulthood, her hunger for the wild has only increased (albeit in a more realistic way). Exploring African national parks and breeding facilities designed for endangered animals, Wold is on a mission to photograph the earth’s most precious creatures before they vanish forever.

A Lioness Running Through Water by Beth Wold

As an artist, Wold is compelled to capture not only the majesty of the wilderness, but also to its fragility. To her, the scars and marks of the creatures she photographs tell a story of vulnerability and resilience, and she hopes to pay tribute to each individual animal’s triumphs and woes. Under her lens, the magic of nature is inextricably tied to the brutality of life in the wild, and each frame is a call to action of behalf of these silent creatures whose habitats are continuously overtaken and destroyed.

Close Up Of Burchell's Zebra In South Africa By Beth Wold

Wold often works in black and white because of the timelessness of the minimal palette. For her, the rich silvery tones capture the enduring quality of her subjects, and the subtlety and dignity of their spirits. She’s drawn to negative space, shapes, and shadow, elements that heighten the quiet drama of each animal’s gaze and bearing. When asked to pick favorites, Wold explains that she loves all animals, but acknowledges that she particularly enjoys photographing zebras, elephants, and, of course, big cats.

Baby Baboon Clinging to its Mother's Back by Beth Wold

Prior to her shoots, Wold takes pleasure in conducting a thorough investigation of the animals she hopes to capture in her frame. While she can’t predict where they might be on any given day, she gathers insight into their behavioral and migratory patterns with careful study. Working with wild animals is naturally an uncertain process, but for Wold, it’s about capturing a single frame that expresses the beauty of “an individual, unique and worthy of its place on this planet.” The greatest hope, she explains, is to give voice to her subjects: “If a photograph of mine can inspire someone else to care about conservation and endangered species, then I feel that I’ve accomplished my goal.”

Oryx and Springbok in Etosha National Park, Namibia by Beth Wold

Baboon Carrying Baby in Kruger National Park, South Africa by Beth Wold

Giraffe Portrait in Black and White in South Africa by Beth Wold

Fur Seal Pup in Namibia by Beth Wold

A Bulbul Bird Rests on a Branch by Beth Wold

Hippo Yawning in a Lake by Beth Wold

Young Male White Lion in a Tree by Beth Wold

A Heron Eating a Grasshopper by Beth Wold

Portrait of a Caracal Lynx by Beth Wold

Two Kudu Grazing on a Hilltop by Beth Wold

A Cape Buffalo Walking Through Tall Grass by Beth Wold

A Male Lion in Black and White by Beth Wold

A Baby Rabbit Hiding in Grass by Beth Wold

Portrait of a Gray Wolf in Black and White by Beth Wold

Top Image: Two Young African Lions by Beth Wold.

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