In the last month of the year, you might be searching for a handy 2011 calendar for your home, office or computer. Here at Shutterstock, we’ve got you covered. Our vector artists have created no-nonsense calendars for more minimalist planners, and wacky fun calendars for those who prefer their days with a twist. Below are just ten of the thousands of new calendars we have in our library. Shutterstock subscribers can download a crisp, clean vector version of each design.

I like to call this one “What’s black and white and red all over?” (© Tarasenko Sergey)

And here you have the “In-Flight Entertainment” (© Barry Barnes)

These cute and simple symbols minimally represent each month of the year (© vector-RGB)

This one is fun: you can tack it to the wall and spin it each month! (© Germán Ariel Berra)

This traditional calendar cuts loose, just a tad (© natt)

Bold, bright, and totally not the boring! (© eob)

This fun calendar reminds us of a color-blindness test (© Germán Ariel Berra)

Here’s a fun notebook theme: (© motorolka)

The “Detailed Resolution Reminder to Keep You in Line All Year” (© Germán Ariel Berra)

2011 Is Your Friend (©  Callahan)