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With the Shutterstock API, CafePress can access more than 200 million images to meet every consumer request, curate custom collections, and A/B test image performance

As a leading print company, CafePress crowdsources designs from creatives around the world to offer consumers a variety of premium designs to bring their visions to life. However, a constant challenge with print companies is keeping up with consumer demand as they scale. After all, every individual has his or her own aesthetic preferences and interests.

This image API integration delivers over 200 million high-quality photos, vectors, and illustrations to the CafePress team to ingest and curate for their end consumers. Curation is common to print companies because offering Shutterstock’s entire library to consumers may cause people to feel overwhelmed by the volume of content.

To expedite the curation process for the CafePress team, the Shutterstock API offers 30 advanced search filters as well as pre-curated collections for wall art, vectors, and backgrounds that are ideal for print products.

Additionally, CafePress can access images via the API to conduct cost-effective A/B testing and gather data on popular designs, rising trends, and seasonal preferences. This A/B testing flexibility is only available through an API integration due to standard licensing restrictions on permitted usage for print merchandise.

Instead of purchasing enhanced licenses up front, the Shutterstock API integration allows CafePress to only pay for image licenses when a user completes a purchase.

With A/B testing capabilities and a large volume of content to choose from, CafePress continues to refine their curated collections as well as the purchasing experience for their users.

Learn more about the Shutterstock API by contacting our Partner Development team.

Cover image by Marko Aliaksandr

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