Filmmaking is a global industry as much as a creative art form. Here’s how the business of cinema is transforming demand for high-quality cinematic footage, all to enrich industry-leading features.

The art of filmmaking has gone through various developments from decade to decade. Changes in technology now allow for more grandiose and encompassing shots. Technological advancements led to the development of long frame cameras, which allowed filmmakers to adjust the depth of field as required for their content. Innovation also paved the way for 4K technology, which is now the feature production and postproduction standard for storytellers.

As this allows content creators to produce more high-quality footage, it improved the cinematic art of storytelling as a whole. Both these technological breakthroughs and creative talent led to the development of Shutterstock Select. This is a new tier of our creative platform, dedicated to exclusive premium footage captured with cinema-grade cameras.

Content that meets the standard of cinematic footage rewards the viewer with a more immersive experience. And viewers expect these standards from filmmakers, proven by consumer preferences for visually stunning content. Producers dedicated to filming high-quality, diverse, and original content meet a higher standard. This will also attract the most artistic of storytellers who long to produce deep and rich cinematic pieces of art.

Attract talented storytellers with cinematic content

The Business Benefits of Premium Cinematic Footage — Attract Talented Storytellers

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Netflix originally forecasted $8 billion towards content production at the beginning of 2018. But, that initial plan changed halfway through the year. The Economist reported that Netflix upped their content investment to $13 billion for 2018. This dwarfs what any film company or television studio will spend on cinematic footage.

Netflix has become the envy of other streaming giants. It’s why Amazon launched the Prime Video streaming solution. Disney is also launching their own premium streaming platform using content based on their intellectual property. This includes live-action series set in the very popular Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What does this mean for other production companies? The key takeaway is what these three companies are doing. Simply put, they’re investing billions of dollars and countless hours towards high-quality content. They’re providing footage that consumers view on their own time.

To follow their lead, companies should invest in technology that blends different types of content. You’ll need clips of a surrounding environment as a backdrop against the people featured in your content. This means creating a look and feel that transitions between establishing shots and close-up angles to better service the storyline of the content.

Shutterstock Select has diverse collections of video clips containing everything from little moments to blockbuster action scenes. You can simplify your creative process by licensing any of the 12 million high-quality videos from Shutterstock Select’s collections.

When you have access to a wide array of exclusive premium footage, producing content is easier and faster. You’ll attract high-quality creators who are entrenched in authentic and deep storytelling. This effectively replicates the model developed by Netflix. In the end, you enhance the experience for your viewers.

Strive to produce a cultural phenomenon

The Business Benefits of Premium Cinematic Footage — Produce a Cultural Phenomenon

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Diverse looking content has the potential to capture the attention of new audiences. This increases the potential to connect with viewers from many different backgrounds, in addition to generating returns on investment.

A prime example is one of the most diverse and commercially successful films of 2018, Black Panther. The film grossed over $1.3 billion worldwide and broke numerous box office records. What’s more is that it was explicitly shot to accurately portray African culture, albeit a fictional one. It used establishing shots to present the land of Wakanda with as much of a personality as the main characters themselves.

The film earned commercial and cultural praise. But it’s important to note the marketing campaign that led up to the debut. Disney, which owns the rights to Black Panther, used the film’s predominantly African-American cast as the central piece in their promotions. All of these tactics led to the most diverse North American audience in history for a superhero film. Praise was rightly given to the filmmakers for producing one of the 10 highest grossing movies of all time.

This was a movie produced by Disney, and that meant there was budget to spare. However, not all production companies have the funds to produce such diverse content. This is where a solution like Shutterstock Select can benefit creators. It contains cinematic aerials, millennial adventure, gastronomy, action scenes, and workplace scenes for any number of settings. Use these exclusive collections to diversify the look and feel of your cinematic footage. The right selections could turn your release into the next commercially and culturally successful piece of cinematic footage.

Focus on your story, not on production

Access to a fully stocked content library of video clips and footage removes time-consuming and expensive production headaches. This is a valuable benefit for any film or studio producer. Instead of worrying about filming, you can focus on completing the project and how you’ll generate ROI to pay for the production.

Access to a library of cinematic quality and premium footage saves resources often allocated to:

  • Location scouting
  • Structuring establishing shots
  • Travel costs for on-location shoots
  • Scheduling to shoot in diverse environments

Do away with the waste of time, money, and resources on the logistics of filming content. Your team can focus on the story and how to conceptualize that story into a fully developed piece. Mental focus and creative freedom allow your team to develop visually distinctive cinematic footage.

Streamline creation with select cinematic footage

Pre-shot footage is an essential pillar in film and TV production. It empowers filmmakers all over the world with the content they need to express their creative vision. Shutterstock Select was developed to empower filmmakers and allow them to flex their creative muscles, so to speak.

The platform allows filmmakers to choose from a selection of premium footage produced by industry professionals using top-quality equipment. This service ensures your production includes premium content that meets the highest production value. You can add these clips to your cinematic art without undertaking the logistical headaches of creating those shots. This will free up more time and more money for your production. Perhaps most importantly, you gain back more mental space to develop a narrative and a storyline that is diverse, dynamic, and delivers a fulfilling experience for viewers.

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