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Occasionally, we like to remind you of extra ways to earn money besides uploading your highest quality imagery. We’ve mentioned that you can earn money referring other submitters and referring new subscribers, but today we’re reminding you of yet another way.

Submit Graphic Design Tips & Tricks.

From our initial announcement: Tips & Tricks is a new helpful resource for Shutterstock customers and submitters, written by Shutterstock submitters. Submitting articles is a great way to increase exposure to your Shutterstock portfolio. You can submit graphic design-related articles to Tips and Tricks, giving you a great advantage in writing about virtually any topic you think would be helpful to the design community. The archive of Tips and Tricks articles recently launched and we would love to review articles from you!

The benefits of submitting articles to Tips & Tricks are two-fold: you promote your Shutterstock gallery, and you provide helpful assistance to the Shutterstock community ““ the ones who buy your images.

Is there a particular feature in Illustrator you’ve mastered? A shortcut you learned in Photoshop? We want to know!

Submitting is incredibly simple. Here’s how:

Login to your submit account. On your homepage, find and click on the “Submit Design Tips” link under “Tools and Resources.”

From this main Tips & Tricks page, click Start a new tip ». From here, you can compose your article and upload your own images to supplement the article.

The title and subtitle should quickly and simply describe the benefits of the tip & trick. The tags should be relevant words from your article that users may search that would lead them to your article. For example, if you’re writing about how to create symbols in Illustrator, you would want to list “symbols” and “Illustrator” as tags (without the quotation marks).

The description field should briefly explain what readers can expect to learn from your article. This generally entails one or two sentences.

You can either type or copy-and-paste your text into the sections. Within the Section field, you can manipulate the text to your liking (bold, italics, underline, bullets, etc.). When you’re ready to upload an image to illustrate a point, simply use the Add an Image field to upload from your computer, and feel free to add a caption within the caption field if appropriate. Begin a new section after you’ve uploaded your image.

Please note, the images will automatically resize to around 200×200 pixels, so if the image contains text or small elements, some aspects may be difficult to see.

When you’re done, click “Preview” at the bottom of the page to review your article to ensure all steps work properly, and there are no grammatical errors (we will allow an occasional blunder, but egregious errors will cause your article to be rejected).

Occasionally, images will be misaligned with the text, or there will be large space breaks. Do not worry too much about these ““ we’ll address the cosmetic aspects before publishing.

If all looks well to you, submit for review, or you may continue editing if necessary. From there, we will review your submission and determine whether to feature your article on our Tips & Tricks page.

[Editor’s note: If your steps work properly and the article is competently written, your odds are very good.]

That’s it! Upon completion, subscribers and submitters alike can access your article and all the helpful information you’ve provided. It may even wind up in our monthly newsletter. Reaching a broad audience this way exposes your Shutterstock gallery, since each Tip & Trick article links back to your gallery.

Please keep the following in mind:

• Your Tips & Tricks article should be grammatically sound and error-free.

• If writing a “how-to” or “step-by-step” article, all steps must work correctly, steps must be in the proper order, and there should be no steps omitted.

• Try to be as clear and concise as possible in your writing.

• The articles you submit must be written by you. Plagiarized articles will be removed and you risk being suspended or banned from Shutterstock permanently.

This is a great way to market your work and we encourage everyone to consider submitting.

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