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Biteable Integrates Shutterstock API

Biteable Provides Professional Video Clips and Music Tracks via the Shutterstock API

Leading video creation platform, Biteable, makes Shutterstock footage and music library available for marketers to create videos that deliver results

Founded in Australia in 2014, Biteable prides itself on enabling users to create studio-quality videos without the studio price tag.

The main driving factor behind Biteable’s decision to incorporate Shutterstock into their product is their belief that a lack of options is the nemesis of creativity. Thus, as part of their commitment to helping businesses of all sizes tap into the magic of video marketing, Biteable is using the Shutterstock API to put over 10 million video clips and music tracks into the hands of their users.

With the native API integration, Biteable users can find and immediately license Shutterstock’s motion (video and music) assets within Biteable’s video editor. This in-platform access offloads the extra steps of leaving Biteable to search for high-quality multimedia assets, checking for usage rights, and then returning to upload.

Additionally, every video and music track in Shutterstock’s library comes with comprehensive metadata which helps users pinpoint the perfect asset for their project needs. The freedom to quickly and easily search through and choose from an extensive library gives Biteable users the latitude to create the video that tells their story exactly how they want to tell it.

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