As technology brings us closer to concepts that were once the domain of sci-fi movies and fantasy novels, there’s a growing opportunity to explore even more outlandish ideas. When flying cars and magic wands become reality, what will be the new beyond?

For CreativeMornings’ April theme, Beyond, we’re exceeding limits, crossing lines in the sand to see what comes next. Notions of the beyond – what lies outside our reality and what exists within our imagination – inspire so much creativity, giving us space to invent new things and interpret new ideas.

Explore these 12 surreal photos inspired by CreativeMornings’ April theme. Then head over to our curated collection to see the entire set. If you attend your local CreativeMornings this month, you may get to see these images projected on the big screen.

Image by Lightspring

Image by Bruce Rolff

Pictured: [1] Image by Oranzy Photography [2]

Image by Everett Historical

Image by polygraphus

Image by Vladimir Sazonov

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