Photography is an evolving industry, especially on the web. Whether you’re a seasoned professional photographer or a passionate newbie with a camera and a dream, staying up-to-date on the newest developments in photography technology and the industry as a whole is crucial. Luckily, there are plentiful photography blogs and websites devoted to filling you in on all the latest and greatest trends and photography news.

We’ve sorted through the incredible selection of online photography blogs to bring you the cream of the crop. Read reviews of new lenses and gadgets, absorb visual inspiration, compare editing software, and plug your own work on these terrific sites. Read on to find the right fits for you and get to work bookmarking our top online photography resources.  


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PetaPixel – self-described as “”The Web’s leading blog about photography,” PetaPixel has a healthy following of shutterbugs that regularly visit for the latest trends in traditional and digital photography as well as reviews and specs for freshly released tech. Their inspirational blogs are a personal favorite, showcasing sweeping natural grandeur and intimate personal snapshots in equal measure.

Michael Zhang and his team contribute a wide variety of articles, but they truly shine in their easily digestible and highly detailed reviews, like this one for the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8E lens.

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Touting itself as an “educational resource for the aspiring and professional photographer,” Photofocus lives up to its promise and far exceeds it. This one-stop shop contains helpful tutorials and in-depth how-to’s covering HDR, Lightroom, Photoshop, and more. The terrific web design, easy navigability, and sheer variety of content make this online photography destination unmissable.

Photofocus regularly spotlights prominent and up-and-coming photographers in their inspiration section, but for our money their practical guides that help you attract high-end clients and accomplish other professional goals are standouts.

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The Phoblographer

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It may be quite a mouthful, but The Phoblographer earns a special place in our hearts for actively pursuing, in their words, “the psychology of creative photography.” This website is full of absurdly helpful tips and tricks (they currently have over 170, encompassing practical and digital ways to improve your photography), and you can always keep up with the latest news in the realm of creative photography.

Where The Phoblographer truly shines is in its unwavering exploration into the mind and soul of inspirational photographers around the globe. Read their probing interview with Elena Helfrecht to get a taste.

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Stuck in Customs

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Trey Radcliff is a giant in the realm of HDR photography, and Stuck in Customs, his baby, is the most visited Travel Photography blog online. Don’t let that intimidate you – Trey, and by extension, his website, is completely approachable and down-to-earth. Learn Trey’s techniques and HDR presets for free, and explore his magnificent photography as you try not to become slightly jealous of his world travels.

The entire website is worth checking out, especially his photography lessons and resources that approach photography from an instinctual, artistic point-of-view. Don’t neglect his adorable About Me page that prominently features shoutouts to his mom.

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Feature Shoot

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If you need inspiration, look no further – the cutting-edge photography projects collected by Feature Shoot push the envelope and help define and shatter the medium simultaneously. Featuring portrait, still life, landscape, documentary, and fine art photography, Feature Shoot regularly interviews prominent boundary-blurring photographers and publishes reviews of current exhibitions.

To understand the caliber of work on Feature Shoot, peruse Capturing the Unexpected in the Streets of Mexico. And if you’re up for it, you can submit your work to be featured.

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Digital Photography Review

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The founders of Digital Photography Review had a grand vision of providing “the most authoritative content around and reviews of digital photography gear in the world,” and they delivered. From lenses and cameras to printers and software, if a digital photography product exists it’s most likely been reviewed on this site. With over 12,000 reviews and counting, it’s a must-read for any serious photographer.

The incredible reviews on Digital Photography Review are fact-based and unbiased – if you don’t believe us, read their 9-page review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC LX10/LX15.

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Brendan’s Adventures

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Brendan van Son, hailing from Alberta, Canada, considers the entire world his personal playground. This incredibly gifted travel writer and photographer shares his adventures and techniques on Brendan’s Adventures, where budding travel photographers can go behind the scenes in his Getting the Shot series to explore the logistical realities of being a travel photographer.

Brendan’s relaxed and personal writing couples well with his transcendent, awe-inspiring imagery – read about his week in Saskatchewan to examine the delightful contrast in action.

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Digital Photography School

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The name isn’t a misnomer: this website it dedicated to improving your craft and technique by providing detailed and helpful tutorials. From beginner tips to camera selection to post production, the guides at Digital Photography School can assist you through every step of your artistic process. For regular updates and accessible tips it can’t be beat.

The how-to’s and guides on Digital Photography School go beyond the expected – many articles are necessary reading and yet rarely discussed, like pitfalls to avoid that no one tells you about.

Beyond their website you can also find useful tips on their Twitter and Facebook.


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A home for budding photographers and videographers alike, Fstoppers regularly profiles new mobile, web, and desktop apps that can prove beneficial for shutterbugs. Their reviews for new cameras, lenses, and gear are stunningly detailed, and to top it off Fstoppers hosts contests in which photographers can win some fancy prizes.

The multitude of contributors means there’s always some great reading on Fstoppers – consider this article on finding beautiful images in your own neighborhood a starting point on your reading binge.

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Photography Life

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This sleek website is a product of love, created by photographers from all walks of life who simply love their craft. In addition to the excellent product reviews, photography tips, and guides to the best gear, you’ll find some true gems at Photography Life, including their collection of the best photo spots around the world and their comprehensive lens database.

None of the articles here are fluff – the level of professionalism and intellect in their comparison of glass and resin filters is on par with the rest of their content. If you’ve written an article you’re proud of you can submit it here for consideration.

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Chase Jarvis Photography

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Chase Jarvis’s professional website is an endlessly fun hybrid: both a space to showcase his award-winning photography and a magical gathering of some of the brightest minds in photography. His illuminating blog features interviews and conversations with such esteemed artists as Sophia Amoruso and Brandon Stanton (creator of “Humans of New York”).

Many of Jarvis’s interviews can be found via the 30 Days of Genius series on Creative Live, but don’t jump over just yet or you’ll miss Jarvis originals like his examination of the extreme risk in war photography.

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Photography Blogger

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With so much discussion of camera specs and editing software, pure inspiration may be in short supply. Enter Photography Blogger, a creative photo journal that features an abundance of inspiring collections and accounts from world-renowned photographers. Not one to be put in a box, Photography Blogger also updates with photography tips and reviews of new products.

Photography Blogger is a community of artists, and their guest posts never fail to impress. For your daily dose of inspiration soak up the series Space Travels Through Norway.

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This valuable resource won’t lead you astray – with the tagline “learn how to light,” Strobist makes its mission clear. David Hobby has made his vast knowledge of off-camera flash accessible to any budding artist, starting with his comprehensive and fun-to-read tutorials Lighting 101 and Lighting 102. With an emphasis on practicality and DIY setups, Strobist will teach you how to light like a professional and save money in the process.

Hobby’s On Assignment posts apply basic lighting techniques to real-world assignments for context. Read the in-depth full-sun group shot lighting guide for a taste.

Keep up with Strobist writer David Hobby on Twitter and Google Plus.

ISO 1200 Magazine

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Matt Palace, the man behind ISO 1200 Magazine, describes himself as a “behind-the-scenes search guru.” This online photography blog features a variety of stunning videos, photo collections, and articles taking the reader behind-the-scenes of well known images and photo shoots. The website also showcases photography tutorials in Photoshop and Lightroom as well as those featuring practical tips.

ISO 1200 Magazine aggregates top photography content from around the web. You’ll have a blast watching the videos they collect, including this blind JPEG comparison that pits top brands against each other.

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Joe McNally’s Blog

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How can you say “no” to a blog with that title? Joe McNally, an ultra-talented and versatile photojournalist, has experienced great success in his expansive career. His irreverent and winsome blog details his methods and musings, thrusting you headfirst into some of the most high-profile assignments online. McNally’s style and accessible language demystifies the craft and makes photography fun.

For those just learning about Joe McNally, his blog entries make it easy to jump in. Check out his insightful and humorous take on shooting the Rio Olympics as a starting point.

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Light Stalking

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Dedicated to helping novices and experts improve their photography skills, Light Stalking considers itself more of a community than a website. In addition to the introductory articles covering the key elements of photography like composition, Light Stalking hosts a regular Weekend Photography Challenge so anyone can share their shots and receive feedback.

The photographers that contribute to Light Stalking certainly have earned their keep – their guides are focused and engaging, like this tutorial on photographing the Milky Way.

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Outdoor Photographer

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Anyone with an affinity for landscapes or nature photography will find a treasure trove of insider information and professional tips at Outdoor Photographer. Beyond their numerous blog posts Outdoor Photographer is also home to a full breakdown of current gear, photo editing and composition tips, perspectives from accomplished photographers, and multiple photo contests.

The “Photo of the Day” series is reliably breathtaking. Become a part of the community and you can have your photos featured on the site, like this breathtaking shot of Mount Tamalpais by Susan Taylor.

Check out the blog, then head on over to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

With these blogs and websites in your bookmarks you can hone your craft and stay up-to-date on the latest tech and gear in the industry as you make a name for yourself in photography. As you perfect your craft remember the three P’s – preparation, patience, and practice. Photography is a journey – look no further than these websites for evidence that even professionals have to start somewhere.