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As a small business owner it’s your responsibility to manage many aspects of your business that larger organizations can delegate. Without a web designer and graphic designer on the payroll to optimize your visual identity, it’s up to you to attend to the details like choosing the right fonts for your many projects.

We recently shared our top 20 serif fonts for business owners. While serif fonts are a great resource for companies with print needs or a particularly classic aesthetic, for brands building out their online presence the first choice should be sans serif fonts. Sans serif fonts do not have the decorative flourishes of serif fonts and are inherently more modern and compatible with digital displays on computers and smartphones.

Of course, some of the most common sans serif fonts employed on websites or in marketing materials can cost a pretty penny, especially when your company is operating on a tight budget. Luckily, there are countless typeface resources online, featuring thousands of free fonts that small business owners can download at no cost.

With this guide you won’t have to spend valuable time sorting through the many options. Take your pick from these 20 free sans serif fonts and return to your first priority – building your business and converting customers.

1. Peace Sans

free sans serif font
Image via

From a typography design standpoint it can be tricky to create a font that’s at once confidently bold and pleasantly relaxed, but designer Sergey Ryadovoy accomplishes this balance with Peace Sans. This stunning font comes with glyph support and can find a home in your website banner or in your company magazine.

Peace Sans is available at Behance.

2. Exo

one of the best san serif fonts
Image via

Natanael Gama is a master, as his sans serif font Exo demonstrates. Exo is a geometric font that has evolved over the years alongside a market in which our gadgets keep getting smaller. with its more organic redesign suited for scrolling on medium and small screens. Exo is handy for tech and science-geared brands.

Exo is available at NDISCOVERED.

3. Anson

anson free sans serif fonts
Image via Mikko

Mikko Nuuttila is responsible for this sleek sans serif font that evokes a distinct retro vibe. Suitable for websites and other design projects, Anson is named after the Avro Anson, a British aircraft that ceased production in 1952.

Anson is available at Mikko Nuuttila.

4. Clear Sans

clear sans font
Image via Font

The narrow and minimal Clear Sans font reads beautifully on the web, on mobile devices, and in print. Clear Sans has been adopted by Mozilla for their “Firefox for Android” browser. Such a ringing endorsement makes sense for this versatile sans serif font designed by Daniel Rhatigan of Monotype under the supervision of Intel.

Clear Sans is available at

5. Ikaros

ikaros sans serif font
Image via

Matt Ellis gifted us with this free sans serif font that is both elegant and commanding. Ikaros works best in a minimal web design project, but will also make an impression used for graphic design or on your company business cards.

Ikaros is available at Behance.

6. Moderne Sans

moderne sans font
Image via

Marius Kempken designed this marvel of a font which manages to seems exceedingly modern while lifting design inspiration from typefaces of the 1920s. Juxtapose this sans serif font with contemporary images or lean into its personality if your brand hinges on nostalgia. Either way, expect clear definition across devices.

Moderne Sans is available at Behance.

7. Monti

monti font
Image via Graphic

The Monti font may have a hyper-specific usage, but for companies that fall within the tech or automotive industries you won’t find a better sans serif font for logos, minimal posters, and brand names. Note that Monti is currently an all-lowercase font, but the uniformity is part of the font’s new age appeal. Monti was designed by Wassim Awadallah.

Monti is available at Graphic Pear.

8. Aganè

agane sans serif typeface
Image via

Taking inspiration from the Frutiger and Noorda fonts, Aganè was designed by Danilo de Marco for signage, specifically at airports. Don’t underestimate it – Aganè is also a smart typeface for user interfaces and print projects. Aganè won an iF Design Award this year for its originality.

Aganè is available at Behance.

9. Homizio Nova

homizio nova free font
Image via

Álvaro Thomáz designed Homizio Nova, a sans serif font family that strives for simplistic presentation while building trust in the reader. Homizio Nova works both as a title or display text font and as a typeface for your website if matched with the right design.

Homizio Nova is available at DaFont.

10. Chivo

free chivo sans serif font
Image via

Chivo was designed by veteran Héctor Gatti for Omnibus-Type as an eye-catching font ideal for headlines and simply grabbing a reader’s attention. Chivo exudes confidence and works well with high color contrast. Chivo is a great typeface to have in your backpocket for any design project.

Chivo is available at Omnibus-Type.

11. Dual

dual font
Image via

Dual is a highly streamlined full-width font that also incorporates experimental elements. Designed by Charles Daoud, Dual’s sharp 90-degree angles and ample spacing are a type-A organizer’s dream. Provide continuity to your website, your business cards, or your branding brochures with Dual.

Dual is available at Charles Daoud.

12. Roboto

roboto font
Image via

Christian Robertson designed the Roboto font to meet the requirements of modern user interfaces on screens with increasingly higher resolutions. Implemented alongside Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Roboto’s curved geometric qualities combine the readability of humanist fonts with mechanical dependability of contemporary sans serif fonts.

Roboto is available at Google Fonts.

13. Aileron

aileron sans serif font
Image via

Aileron, designed by Sora Sagano of Tipotype, gives readers a relaxing sense of visual comfort as they read. A blend of Univers and Helvetica, this typeface ranges considerably in weight and boldness between its 16 variants for maximum reusability. The semi-grotesque sans serif font pops with the use of color.

Aileron is available at TipoType.

14. Verb Condensed Regular

verb condensed sans serif font
Image via

Instructional guides and walkthroughs must convey authority while remaining inviting. Verb Condensed is a splendid font for these (and many other needs), reshaped to fall in line with traditional sans serif proportions while still packing the energy and personality of the Verb font family. Verb Condensed was designed by Yellow Design Studio.

Verb Condensed Regular is available at Fontspring.

15. PT Sans

pt sans font
Image via

PT Sans was designed by Alexandra Korolkova as part of the “Public Types of Russian Federation” project, intended to allow native Russian speakers to read and write Russian in the 21st century. The font family includes Latin and Cyrillic characters, and boasts humanistic design elements while being based on the civil type developed by Peter the Great in the 1700s.

PT Sans is available at Google Fonts.

16. Comfortaa

comfortaa font
Image via

If you own an online business you’ve undoubtedly stumbled across Comfortaa already, as its modern appeal and rounded design make it a common selection for headlines and other situations that call for large text. Designed by Johan Aakerlund, Comfortaa proves that simple and elegant is often best.

Comfortaa is available at DeviantArt.

17. Arcadia

free arcadia font
Image via

Manh Nguyen designed the Arcadia typeface with a text structure and hairline curves that capture a fearless feminine spirit. Lifestyle brands can soothe readers and appeal to niche markets with the Arcadia sans serif font, ideal for logos, titles, t-shirts, and similar branding projects.

Arcadia is available at Behance.

18. Ubuntu

ubuntu font family
Image via

Dalton Maag designed this flagship font intended to replicate the tonality of Ubuntu, the Linux operating system voice. Even if you’ve never used a Linux computer the Ubuntu font can serve your business well, as its OpenType features make it highly legible on compact mobile screens and on standard computer screens.

Ubuntu is available at its own website.

19. Fibon Sans Regular

fibon sans font family
Image via

A transitional typeface with 6 variants, Fibon Sans is a low contrast sans serif font that is extremely legible. The purposefully curvy design is a terrific option for use by lifestyle and fashion brands. The Fibon Sans Regular weight is free to download, and will service your small business well printed in a magazine or as a headline in a presentation. Fibon Sans was designed by Valerio Dell’Edera.

Fibons Sans Regular is available at Behance.

20. Mohave

mohave font
Image via

Headline fonts must hook readers immediately, and few fonts rise to this challenge as commendably as Mohave. Mohave is an all-caps font that should not be used for body copy, but its six variants can do some heavy lifting as the font for your headlines, titles, and on posters. Mohave was designed by Gumpita Rahayu.

Mohave is available at Dribbble.

Outfit your company with the best sans serif fonts online without spending a penny of your monthly budget. Download these free fonts today.

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