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On the web, designers have created vibrant communities where they can share the latest ideas, artistic techniques, and interesting trends. There’s a vast world of blogs, online portfolios, and design guides out there, and we’ve tried to identify the most influential sites that all designers can enjoy. Here are 17 design resources that can provide a jolt of inspiration whenever you hit a creative roadblock.




Founded by Canadian artist Jeff Hamada, this incredible art blog is one of the most popular on the internet today. It features new and innovative contemporary artists, exposing their work to a much larger audience via social media and a “secret email club.”

Check out Hamada’s latest artist discoveries and submit your own creative work here.

2. It’s Nice That


This London design blog shares up-to-the-minute news in the online art world, as well as in-depth features about new artists and designers. With a focus on the digital industry and unconventional campaigns, it’s a great place to learn about the newest creative trends. There’s also a handy job board for designers who need more work.

Click here to read today’s design news and see which campaigns are cutting through the noise.

3. Design Sponge


Focused on interior design, DIY crafts, and inspiring people in many fields, this site searches for beauty in everyday life. From gorgeous color guides to savvy business tips, Design Sponge soaks up the best of the web and presents it in an elegant package.

Visit the website to get inspired with some must-read design books, tasty recipes, and craft ideas.



Part of a large network of sites, NOTCOT shares unconventional design and art concepts that will definitely get you out of a creative slump. While the site is mostly focused on product design, architecture, and packaging, it’s committed to finding inspiration in any form.

Check out their latest design posts here and see what playful and imaginative ideas are taking shape around the world.

5. Juxtapoz


The digital version of Juxtapoz Magazine is packed with inspiring street art, painting, photography, and more. There’s even a video channel called Jux TV, which focuses on emerging artists, gallery premieres, and music videos.

Visit the website and see what’s blowing minds in the contemporary art world, whether it’s happening on the street or in an upscale show.

6. Dribbble


Similar to Behance, Dribbble is an online design community for sharing, promoting, and discovering new work. With a streamlined interface and youthful charm, the platform has a scrappy startup vibe, so it’s popular with a new generation of graphic designers.

Check out the newest additions to the Dribbble platform and upload your personal portfolio here.

7. Hi-Fructose


Like Booooooom, the online version of Hi-Fructose Magazine is dedicated to sharing work from rising creatives, especially in the fine art world. Though most of the posts focus on contemporary paintings, the site isn’t opposed to sharing the occasional sculpture or short film.

Visit the website to learn which contemporary artists are bucking current trends.



This Japanese site allows users to share noteworthy images and animations. With a barebones design that puts the focus solely on content, it’s an amazing resource for designers and artists looking for a new perspective. When you click on an image, you’ll see plenty of recommendations for similar work, so it’s a rabbit hole of creativity.

Check out the website to see what amazing images are being shared and bookmarked today.

9. Designspiration


Sort of like Pinterest for designers, Designspiration allows users to create a profile and share creative work with their community. To organize your bookmarks, it’s easy to create collections based on style, color, or any other attribute. You can also search by color, which is so helpful when gathering inspiration for a project.

Join the Designspiration community and start saving your favorite design ideas here.

10. Swissmiss


Run by Swiss designer Tina Roth Eisenberg, this blog focuses on innovative and clever design ideas, usually in the form of physical objects. Whether it’s a cool coffee table book, cute piece of jewelry, or a novel gift, Eisenberg finds some of the most imaginative designs on the web.

Check out the website to see what products, quotes, and art campaigns are inspiring her lately.

11. Pitch Design Union


Designer Margot Harrington created Pitch Design Union as a platform for her own creative work, but she also uses it to share insightful commentary about the design world, as well as her current inspirations.

Follow Margot’s design journey on the Pitch Design Union blog.

12. Inspiration Grid


This digital showcase sheds light on the most talented designers, illustrators, and photographers. With an equal emphasis on fine art and product design, the site’s editors search for inspiration in every creative field.

See what fantastical, funny, and futuristic creations are making waves on the Inspiration Grid website.

13. Abduzeedo


This global collective shares their favorite articles about design, photography, digital interfaces, and architecture. There’s also a set of helpful tutorials about Photoshop, digital illustration, and UX design, which are free for anyone to use.

Check out Abduzeedo‘s Daily Design Inspiration and download their free Wallpaper of the Week from up-and-coming artists.

14. How Design


This vast resource is dedicated to design education, with plenty of tutorials, career guides, and business tips. Find out which design firms are worth watching, and learn how to market yourself to get those jobs.

Visit the How Design website for the latest design news, editorials, and job postings.

15. Little Big Details


This fun Tumblr blog focuses on digital design flourishes that help to make a product great. There are so many cool design tricks in Apple OS X, the Google suite, Facebook, and other popular software. See what details are being discovered in your favorite apps, and then use them as a jumping-off point for your own design work.

Check out the latest Little Big Details post here.

16. FormFiftyFive


Run by a community of designers, coders, and artists, this sleek website is filled with interviews and photo essays from up-and-coming talents. Anyone can submit their portfolio to the site, and they’re always open to learn about new creative work. There’s also a section for job openings and upcoming design events.

Visit the FFF website to see which product concepts, fonts, and designers are getting their team excited lately.

17. The Design Blog


Run by graphic designer Ena Bacanovic, this high-quality Tumblr blog is constantly updated with interesting product designs, packaging, and brand concepts. She likes to seek out talented young designers and studios that are just getting their start.

See what Bacanovic is championing this week on TDB.