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16 Must-Know Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

16 Must-Know Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up your editing by relying on your keyboard. If you memorize these 16 keyboard shortcuts, you’ll become a true workflow warrior.

Editors are always looking for ways to work faster. Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to do this. When you can perform a series of edits without even touching your mouse, you speed up your workflow. I love learning keyboard shortcuts — it familiarizes me with a program’s functionality and improves my speed.

So I’ve rounded up 16 keyboard shortcuts you should start using today. Some you may know, and some you may not, but all of them will increase your command of Adobe Premiere Pro.

1,2, & 3. Shuttling Controls (J,K, and L)

One of the more basic Premiere shortcuts, the J, K, and L shuttle controls are standard across most NLEs. They let you play forward with L, play in reverse with J, and pause with K. Press the keys multiple times to shuttle more quickly through your timeline.

4. Maximize Panel Size (`, Backtick)

16 Must-Know Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts — Maximize Panel Size

This button simply expands the selected panel size to full screen. This is incredibly handy when you want to get a full screen preview of your timeline.

5. Add Edit (Cmd/Ctrl + K)

This is one of my favorite shortcuts. To me, it’s much faster than pulling out the razor tool for every edit.

For an even easier time with this shortcut, assign it to one of your mouse’s side buttons (if it has any) for immediate cuts in a flash. Add a shift modifier, and it will cut all clips under the playhead.

6 & 7. In and Out (I & O)

16 Must-Know Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts — In and Out

Probably one of the most used shortcuts in Premiere, this marks in and out points on your selected clip or on your timeline.

8 & 9. Clip Shuttling (Up+Down Keys)

These are, by far, the best keys to use to get through your edits. The up key will shuttle you through your timeline edit points, getting you where you want to go as quickly as possible. Select which layer you want to shuttle through by toggling the V and A markers.

10 & 11. Timeline Expansion and Minimization (+ & -)

The + and – keys are pivotal for getting a good look at your timeline. Using them on their own, they will either stretch or condense your timeline horizontally. With added ctrl/cmd modifiers, you can stretch your timeline vertically to get a better look at each individual clip

12. Paste Attributes (Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+V)

16 Must-Know Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts — Paste Attributes

The paste attributes shortcut isn’t one you’ll use often, but it’s a great way to paste over attributes such as motion or Lumetri color settings from one clip to another.

13. Match Frame (F)

Use the match frame shortcut to bring the selected clip into your preview window at the playhead on your timeline.

14. Selecting Individual Clips (Alt+Click)

Yes, this shortcut may use the mouse, but it is still very useful. When you select a clip, Premiere defaults to selecting the audio as well. With alt+click, you can select just the audio layer to delete any scratch tracks you may have used for syncing.

15. Undo (Ctrl/Cmd+Z)

This shortcut is pretty universal. When you make the wrong edit, and you want to revert back, just smash the undo button until you get back to the edit you want.

16. Selection Tool (V)

16 Must-Know Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts — Selection Tool

The “stasis” key in Premiere is a good shortcut when you’re working with titles or other tools. When you want to revert back to your selection tool, just press V.

A Handy Shortcut Guide

If you want to keep all these shortcuts within reach, here’s a handy chart:

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