Learn how you can streamline your workflow by batch processing photos using Adobe Bridge in this helpful video tutorial.

When it comes to smart process functions (that you’ll actually need for client work), Adobe Bridge can be a huge time-saver. In this tutorial, we’ll look at three Adobe Bridge processes that I use all the time. First, we will learn how to quickly apply custom Camera Raw settings to a group of photos. Next, we’ll look at how we can export all of those photos as JPEG files using the Image Processor. Finally, I’ll show you how we can batch rename all of our files at once.

Ready to speed up your workflow? Let’s dive in.

Copy and Paste Camera Raw Settings

If you have a group of raw photos that all require similar Camera Raw processing, you can quickly paste develop settings from one raw file to an entire group. After you have made your initial Camera Raw settings changes to the first photo, click done. Then, right-click on the raw photo in Adobe Bridge and navigate to Develop Settings > Copy Settings. Then, select all of the raw images onto which you would like to paste the develop settings. (You can select multiple files by holding ctrl+clicking on the files. Use Command+clicking on Mac.) After you have those photos selected, right-click and navigate to Develop Settings > Paste Settings. That will apply your Camera Raw develop settings to all of your selected raw images.

How to Batch Process Photos for Clients in Adobe Bridge — Camera Raw Settings

Exporting Photos as JPEG Files with Image Processor

If you need to quickly export a group of photos to another format such as JPEG, PSD, or TIFF, you can use the Image Processor. First, select all of your images in Adobe Bridge. Then navigate to Tools > Photoshop > Image Processor. This will launch Photoshop and the Image Processor option dialog box. You can then input where you want to save your new images, the file type, and other options, like applying a Photoshop Action. After you have selected your export settings, select Run. This will start the Image Processor, and you will see your images open, one after the other, and close very quickly in Photoshop. Let that process run though. After it’s finished, you will see your newly exported images in the destination folder you specified.

How to Batch Process Photos for Clients in Adobe Bridge — Image Processor

How to Quickly Rename a Group of Photos

Batch renaming files in Adobe Bridge is simple and easy. (Note that this process works on all file types, not just photos!) First, select all of the files you would like to rename. Then right-click on them and select Batch Rename. That will launch the Batch Rename option dialog box. From there, you can select various filename parameters, such as sequence numbers, sequence letters, calendar dates, etc. After you have your filename options selected, you can preview the future filenames by clicking on the Preview button. This will show you the current filenames and how they will be renamed after the changes. When you are ready, just select Rename. After a second or two, Adobe Bridge will refresh, showing all of the updated filenames.

How to Batch Process Photos for Clients in Adobe Bridge — Batch Rename Files

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