The back to school season sees huge consumer spending every year. Learn how to make a Facebook post with our online photo editor and find inspiration for your own back-to-school campaign.

School’s out, but back-to-school marketing is already in full planning mode. You don’t have to be selling pens and pencils to get in on the back-to-school frenzy. The start of a new school season is a great time for all types of retailers to offer promotions on inventory because consumers are preparing to shop. According to the National Retail Federation, the back-to-school season was the second largest consumer spending season of 2016 (the top spot, not surprisingly, goes to the winter holidays season). And 2017 was even bigger, seeing around $83 billion spent — 10% more than the previous year.

Want to get in on this huge consumer spending season? If you’re a small business, Facebook is a simple way to get the word out about your back-to-school sale. You can make a post that advertises your in-store sale or quickly links potential customers to your ecommerce site. But a text post won’t cut it. After all, you’re competing with tons of other retailers. Convince your audience that you have something special to offer with an eye-catching ad. Not a designer? Our online photo editor lets you build a design from scratch with easy-to-use yet powerful tools. Select images from the Shutterstock library, or upload your very own, then add text, shapes, color, and our brand new icons tool to put the finishing touches on your design.

Check out how to make a Facebook post for a back-to-school promotion. Get inspired, then use Shutterstock Editor as a Facebook post maker with preset sizes and other handy tools to complete your own design.

Step 1: Set Design Dimensions

In Shutterstock Editor you can change the canvas size in just one click. Head over to the Preset Sizes (P) tab to choose from a few digital media presets.

For this tutorial, I’m picking the Facebook Link preset size at 1200 x 627 pixels to create a Facebook post design that promotes a back-to-school sale. You can also easily customize your dimensions by heading over to the Canvas Size panel and saving your presets.

Step 2: Insert Background

For a back-to-school sale, I’m looking for playful, school-related imagery. True, not all students are excited to return to school, but that doesn’t mean the imagery can’t be fun! Use the Search (S) tool to browse Shutterstock’s collection. I searched for “back to school pattern” and found this colorful seamless pattern with a doodle style.

Delete the existing image on your canvas, then select Add to Canvas to bring the image onto your design. I want the pattern to be smaller, so I’ll drag the handles in to resize the image. To make it seamless, I copy the pattern and paste it next to the existing one. Line it up carefully so that the pattern looks seamless.

How to Make a Facebook Post for Your Back to School Sale – Online Photo Editor

Step 3: Add a Transparent Overlay

The pattern is super busy and colorful, so any text I place on top of it will be too hard to read. To fix this, I’ll navigate to the Elements tab on the left sidebar, and select Shapes. Choose a rectangle so that it matches the frame of the design, resize it, then use the Alignment buttons on the right sidebar to position it in the middle of the canvas.

How to Make a Facebook Post for Your Back to School Sale – Add Transparent Overlay

Step 4: Provide Sale Info

Prominently display the most important information about your promotion. The text is usually the first thing users will see when they see your promo, so make sure it’s legible and engaging.

Add headlines and subheadlines to your design with the Text (A) tool. Use the Headline for the event or promo name, and subheadlines for the details. Larger text is read first, then smaller text follows. For the headline “Back to School Sale” I used the lively font Vidaloka.

How to Make a Facebook Post for Your Back to School Sale – Add Text

Step 5: Add Elements for Visual Interest

You’ll need something a little extra to make your design pop. “Extra” can mean saturated colors, script fonts, or really anything that adds visual interest. For this design, I’m going to play with the new Icons feature in Editor. These graphics come in handy because they communicate ideas without text. I’m going to use the price tag icon to add to the sale factor of this design.

Navigate to the Elements tab on the left sidebar, then select Icons. You can resize the icon to your liking and also change the Fill Color to match your design. I used the Layer function in the right sidebar to send the price tag icon behind the word “to.” Then I changed the fill color by using the Eyedropper tool in the Fill Color tab to sample a yellow-orange from the background.

How to Make a Facebook Post for Your Back to School Sale – Use Icons

Step 6: Finish It Up!

Almost finished! I’ll head back to the Text (T) tool to add the sale info on the design. Simply type out the specifics, then place the text under the headline. I used the font Muli and opted for a red — the classic sale color — to finish things off.

How to Make a Facebook Post for Your Back to School Sale – Final Image

When you’re all set, hit the Download button at the top of the screen to license and download your design. You can also share it directly to your Facebook page.

The fun doesn’t stop at back-to-school promos. You can also use Shutterstock Editor as a Facebook post maker to create posts and promos for any kind of upcoming event, holiday, or season.

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