When it comes to making a corporate video, some videographers forget about the always important b-roll video. B-roll shots capture the moments in-between, giving life to an otherwise ordinary video. Here are a few ways to capture great shots to fill in the blanks in order to make the best corporate videos.

Make Small Talk

During pre-production, you develop an overall feel for the final video. Is this an upbeat happy project? Does it deal with very serious subject matter? By knowing the type of corporate video you’re filming, you can plan for some additional shots — and the type of direction you’ll have to give your subject to capture those shots — well in advance of the shoot.

On the day of the shoot, spend some time with the interviewee to warm them up to the camera. One of the best tricks is to film while you and the subject have a conversation. Ask them about their day, their position with the company, or little details about their life, like if they have any children.

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Capture Movement

While the interviewee warms up to you, take the time to capture their subtle movements. Are they grasping their hands? Do they fidget with a ring or watch? Are they checking their phone? These b-roll shots will add a genuine personality to the video, and you can cut to them at anytime. After you get a few of these moments, guide the subject to their mark and have them get in place.

Another professional tip: Tell your subject that you are going to check focus by having them do a few facial movements. Set the camera and have your subject make various faces. Have them smile, laugh, look down, look side to side, give you a serious look. Try to get as many emotional responses as possible as these small moments make for awesome b-roll video.

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Film the Exterior

If you don’t have enough time with the interview subject to capture all these candid moments, you can turn your b-roll attention towards the location.

Capture a wide exterior shot of the building or get a few close-ups of workspace or decor. Be sure to capture workers at work — typing away, writing notes, and interacting with each other. Just a few minutes of b-roll will tie together the entire corporate video during edits.

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