Earlier this month, Shutterstock participated as a platinum sponsor of Photo Hack Day 4 at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA. The exciting, weekend-long coding marathon created by Aviary brings together talented developers and designers to build amazing applications using web and mobile image APIs on the fly.

We opened up our APIs for participants to use in creating awesome new image games or apps, and at the end of the weekend, we judged the best use of our APIs and awarded prizes. Close to 350 developers took part — supported by 20 API sponsors, 4 design sponsors, and unlimited caffeine — so the competition was fierce.

Here’s who came out on top in the Shutterstock API stakes:

1st Place: “Rebus”Nir Zicherman, Mike Mignano, Michael Vitrano, and Andrew Rudmann

Our top team built a mobile app that generates pictograms based on any four-word phrase, pulling Shutterstock images and using a unique algorithm to create “image puns.”

Here are the outputs for “I makin’ the bacon” and “Don’t rock the boat”:

2nd Place: “BigGallery for WordPress”Tony Casparro

Tony built a powerful WordPress plug-in using our Bigstock API. Using his “BigGallery” tool, anyone can add professional-quality images directly from both Shutterstock or Bigstock to a blog post without leaving the WordPress platform.

Honorable Mention: “Lightbox Reality”Yosun Chang

Yosun created an augmented-reality iPad app that allows you to view any surface through your camera and see what it would look like with a Shutterstock image on it. (Imagine a beach image on your wall or tabletop). The app is able to detect texture, so the image moves or tilts as you shift your iPad.

Other Fun Hacks:

“Fake Your Travels” – Find a Shutterstock travel image, superimpose yourself on it, add a filter with Aviary, and share your “fake trip” on Facebook.

“StockBattle” – Images are voted up and down by users based on the tags associated with them and how well they match the image.

“Insta-View” – Scan various news sources and display Shutterstock images based on what’s happening in the world on a given day.

We had a really great time at this event, and discovered a number of inspiring companies and developers throughout the weekend. We look forward to seeing what becomes of the great projects that were started at Photo Hack Day — who knows, you could be playing with one of these apps yourself one day soon.

Janet Giesen is a Senior Manager of Business Development and API Programs at Shutterstock.