While there’s no definitive formula for the perfect portfolio, our team here in office has come across many tried and true signs of a captivating body of work. We’ve assembled a variety of artists and illustrators, all bringing with them unique set of skills, styles, and viewpoints.

As you take a look at these portfolios, see what works for the artists and let that inspire you on your own creative ventures.



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Image by tele52

This portfolio is a master class in isometric worldbuilding. Ranging from straightforward furniture sets to expansive city environments, Tele52 seems to have it covered. Featuring a wide variety of settings, customers can easily browse this portfolio and assemble the perfect scene from the plethora of assets available.


Image by stickerama

Shape plays a critical role in visually compelling character illustration. Stickerama’s work showcases a keen sense of awareness of how the construction and arrangement of a character’s face can depict just the right emotion and set the tone of an image. This allows them to tackle any subject matter and provide a sense of stylistic cohesion.

Ira Cvetnaya

Image by Ira Cvetnaya

Ira Cvetnaya’s portfolio is proof that you can take a style like pop art and make it your own. This contributor puts a modern spin on this style, offering images that are dynamic and expressive. The mastery of flat color blocking via digital painting makes for a refreshing experience.


Image by Kit8.net

It’s amazing how easily Kit8.net’s distinctive style easily translates into a vast range of different concepts. From vectors depicting a variety of careers and industries to images featuring fantastical cinematic environments, there are very few themes that haven’t been approached yet.


Image by mallinka

Depicting food in an appealing manner isn’t the easiest of tasks, but Mallinka seems the have developed the secret to doing so. Not only are their food infographics a captivating way to showcase knowledge, but their personified food characters radiate a sense of humor that add an additional layer of enjoyment to each image.


Image by VectorShow

With VectorShow’s portfolio, you’ll find an abundance of vector asset collections that suit a multitude of different categories. Even better, not a single icon in these sets escapes this contributor’s attention to detail and careful construction. It may take extra time for all of these details, but the payoff is a meticulously crafted and gratifying selection of images.


Image by MatiasDelCarmine

Matias sure has a penchant for history. Much of their work depicts great artists and writers as well as unique takes on mythological characters. Their ability to interpret famous painterly techniques of artists like Van Gogh and Da Vinci in a vector format makes for an interesting portfolio. Keep an eye on this artist to see what era of history they’ll choose to explore next!

Tithi Luadthong

Image by Tithi Luadthong

No stranger to being highlighted by Shutterstock, Tithi’s portfolio is full of beautiful and highly detailed digital paintings running the gamut of the fantasy and sci-fi genres. Whether it’s a dramatic dystopian future or a depiction of a chaotic night in an urban metropolis, the atmosphere created with expert use of lighting and color makes for a thrilling scene every time.


Image by filitova

Filitova is an artist who is clearly up to date on fashion trends. Expect to see the most modern takes on style in the realm of designer threads and trendy haircuts. Their portfolio shows that these en vogue vectors can not only stand on their own as luxury spot illustrations, but also work wonders when incorporated into banners, poster designs, and more.


Image by A.Frants

Able to elevate already stellar portraits, A.Frants’ design aesthetic breathes further life into these fashionable images. They’re able to strike a perfect balance with a blend of exciting color, dynamic effects, and evocative wordplay to create pieces worthy of any fashion magazine.

Ksenia Lokko

Image by Ksenia Lokko

Ksenia Lokko’s aesthetic is very on trend with their use of a refreshing color palette and a flat graphic style. Their portfolio showcases that this magnetic style can be used in virtually any context: stickers, gift tags, greeting cards, invitations, stationery, and planners.


Image by danjazzia

The illustrations created by Danjazzia are proof that abstract imagery isn’t exclusive to the realm of fine arts. Their masterful color and shape interplay is a refreshing take on a potential poster design for your next music festival or dance party.


Image by VAlex

VAlex is your source for high caliber digital backgrounds. The crisp and technological feel in these scenes of controlled chaos makes for a stellar backdrop to whatever project or presentation you’re working on.

Sandor Szuhoterin

Image by Sandor Szuhoterin

Sandor’s character designs are filled with an effortless charisma. Body language is key to making sure that stationary figures still have a sense of vibrancy. This contributor’s dynamic path construction and form creation are essential components that make their images radiate with energy.


Image by Margarita1393

If you’d like a refresher on how to develop rich worlds, we encourage you to take a look at Margarita’s body of work. The contributor has a grasp on how to give objects like vehicles or buildings a sense of realism. Take their food trucks for example: Each one has unique and harmonious color scheme that succeeds in giving an inanimate object a shining personality.

Dasha D

Image by Dasha D

Get familiar with Dasha’s work for an experience in beautifully crafted vectors. There’s a sense of calm that comes across when looking at their nature-inspired designs and patterns. Every asset seems so carefully and thoughtfully placed, reflecting an overall sense of unity and balance.

July Pluto

Image by July Pluto

July Pluto has a distinctive style reminiscent of your favorite indie video game. From character asset sets to spot illustrations, they give you that nostalgic pixelated gaming feel, but with no pesky resolution loss!


Image by angkrit

There are virtually limitless concepts to explore when crafting images for your portfolio, and it doesn’t seem like Angkrit will be running out of steam any time soon. Their charming geometric style serves them well as they tackle any and all areas ranging from travel and adventure themes to the ever-popular career and business graphics.

Shpadaruk Aleksei

Image by Shpadaruk Aleksei

Shpadaruk Aleksei’s portfolio contains an abundance of aerial assets. You’re provided with a catalog of elements that allows you to arrange the perfect urban environment or resort getaway down to the smallest detail.

Fay Francevna

Image by Fay Francevna

Fay Francevna is able to choose any subject matter and provide users with an invigorating and new take on it. The way they coordinate patternwork and carefully consider color relationship makes for striking results.

Slava Gerj

Image by Slava Gerj

The work of Slava Gerj is an excellent example of traditionally created illustrations that can be used in a variety of different contexts. The key is to make sure that when uploading handmade content, you take care to retain as much of the crisp detail as you can, providing visuals almost as stunning as the experience of seeing these subjects in person.


Image by Moloko88

The only thing better than trekking through Moloko88’s portfolio would be visiting the locations they depict in real life. This body of work takes us on a global adventure capturing the vibrant feel of countless parts of the world.

Danilo Sanino

Image by Danilo Sanino

Danilo’s portfolio is home to a wealth of fantasy illustrations. In addition to excellent character designs, these scenes are made all the more enjoyable thanks to advanced lighting and color. These two simple tools, when used correctly, can add all the drama, majesty, and wonder you can possibly want.


Image by KENG MERRY Paper Art

Don’t mistake the calm and precise nature of these paper constructions as simple designs. Each one of the images in this collection is a perfect balance of depth, shadow, and negative space. We’re left with the feeling that every last piece has been constructed to a point of tranquil perfection.


Image by Doremi

Doremi’s portfolio is a great example of why flat and graphic design is so popular at the moment. Flat design doesn’t have to mean simple design. Much of the work featured here employs texture and shading that add sense of dimensionality without betraying the hallmarks of the style.


Image by singpentinkhappy

How can you mix seemingly disparate elements and end up with a harmonious end result? Singpentinkhappy has the answer to this eternal conundrum. By themselves, many of the colors, patterns, and shapes couldn’t be more different. But when placed together, we truly begin to wonder why we hadn’t thought of that combination of elements before!

Victor Tondee

Image by Victor Tondee

Victor Tondee’s digital collages are some of the most expressive images you can come across. The expertly rendered overlay of natural imagery and abstract textures adds a whole new dimension to the concept of portraiture.


Image by YashkovskiyMD

There’s something uncannily calm about the illustrations in YashkovskiyMD’s portfolio, and shape has a large part to do with it. If we dip our toes briefly into shape theory, we know that the rounded edge rectangle, a staple in this body of work, has the dual purpose of suggesting stability and uniformity while adding in receptiveness and rhythm. Who knew that shapes could have such a profound effect on mood!



Image by Tomacco

A portfolio is bound to be more enticing to a viewer when they can immediately get a sense of your personality from your work, and this is what you get when you visit Tomacco’s page. Their quirky sense of design and cohesive sense of style invites you in to enjoy the many spot illustrations and character creations that they have to offer.

Alexander Baidin

Image by Alexander Baidin

Alexander’s work is ready for your next big travel ad campaign! The graphic style and smart layouts in their latest summer series immediately conveys feelings of luxury, sophistication, and escape that are ever popular when it comes to evocative poster design.


Image by FoxyImage

A great contributor tries to provide a variety of content but also has a signature: something that they do well and centers their body of work. Foxyimage embodies this mindset. Their portfolio contains a wide range of content types and styles, but their central anchor is work featuring school kids. There’s an unquestioned mastery when it comes to their ability to successfully portray the boundless energy kids can have in these cheerful illustrations.


Image by NextMars

Video game concept art is brimming with potential for inspiration. NextMar’s work features meticulously crafted fantasy landscapes that can easily be used as background art for the next big video game. There are plenty of themes to choose from in their work: sci-fi thriller, post apocalyptic adventure, magical realm quest, and much more.


Image by VitaliyVill

VitaliyVill’s collection of work is perfect if you’re looking to craft the next big 2D side scrolling adventure. The many assets, interface elements, and level designs allow for virtually limitless customization options that will inevitably lead to stunning gameplay.


Image by Lavandaart

With a very strong core visual aesthetic, Lavandaart’s images are capable of taking you on a journey. The combination of quirky shapes and eclectically compatible color schemes provide a playful personality to the many global locations depicted in their portfolio.

Rina Oshi

Image by Rina Oshi

Rina’s graphic and linear style works exceptionally well when paired with culinary illustration. Their use of nuanced accent colors does a great job adding depth to the piece without distracting from the satisfying precision of Rina’s style.


Image by Afishka

Cornering the market on adorable, Afishka’s portfolio focus on one main train of thought: animals wearing clothes. Given how popular social media phenomenons like “doggo-speak” have become, it’s no wonder that images featuring precious canines in charming attire are all the rage.

Le Chernina

Image by Le Chernina

It’s incredible how three simple ideas like shape, texture, and color can serve as a wellspring of creativity. Le Chernina’s catalog of images employs all three of these aspects to create images that get your creative gears turning. Never underestimate the power of simply playing with your design, because the most gratifying results often come from sheer experimentation.


Image by helterskelter

Another eye-catching trend is the use of rough, brush-like digital linework. Work like Helterskelter’s captures the tactile feel of traditional artwork while embracing the tools that make working digitally exciting. The collaboration of these two mindsets pays off when we witness work that his both refreshingly new and classically inspired.


Image by Lumitar

The many alluring designs that Lumitar’s created feature a refreshing, flat line style. It embodies the feel of contemporary Scandinavian art, as it marries modern geometry with natural imagery. You’re likely to see a style like this in products like wrapping paper, packaging, and trendy promotional material.


Image by Rustic

Rustic’s affinity for creating digital illustrations that reflect traditional effects like engraving and etching are definitely on trend. As modern as brands may be, there’s a simultaneous pull within design to incorporate classic visual styles. Classic tactile and textured feels, achieved through techniques like engraving, suggest stability, reliability, and reputation – something that many out there looking to market ideas and products are keenly aware of.

Marushchak Olha

Image by Marushchak Olha

Personality in a body of work can often be reached with the subtlest of details. Take Olha’s approach for instance. The stylistic decision to incorporate lines with rounded edges conveys openness and lightheartedness, which further elevates the airy feel of their many nature landscapes and travel spot illustrations.


Image by Tasiania

Oftentimes a single season can inspire an entire collection from a contributor. However, Tasiania takes it one step further. They can take one simple motif, like vacationers sunbathing on the beach, and transform it into an ingenious pattern that we haven’t come across before. That’s what sets many contributors apart; taking a common theme and interpreting it in their own distinct voice.

Mascha Tace

Image by Mascha Tace

Part of what drives a successful Shutterstock contributor is the desire to produce content that appeals to as many people as possible. One aspect of that is featuring a diverse cast of characters that reflects our global audience. Mascha’s portfolio always provides you with an expansive collection of expertly crafted character designs suitable for any profession and any part of the world.

Radoman Durkovic

Image by Radoman Durkovic

Radoman’s portfolio is a standout when it comes to shape-driven design. These chaotic scenes excite the eye through movement. When an image is able to direct your attention throughout the artboard, you’re more likely to take the extra few seconds to admire it. Images that successfully engage you for more than a passing glance are often some of the standouts in the Shutterstock collection.


Image by jumpingsack

There’s no doubt that Jumpingsack’s linocut-esque design approach is captivating. The quality and level of detail is almost hypnotic thanks to the amount of time and effort that went into producing the pieces in this collection. Each and every portrait, font, and texture set brings with it an edgy feel.


Image by Teekatas

Teekatas’ distinct style of character design places a quirky visual spin on everyday activities. The adorable characterizations and use of a neon color palette add a charming sense of whimsy and humor to each spot illustration in their portfolio.


Image by LigKo

The combination of LigKo’s graphic line art style and electrical color pallette produces vibrantly tropical images. When we dissect many of the fruit patterns in their portfolio even further, you’ll notice that the ones that stand out the most employ complementary colors. Deep violets help yellows seem more saturated just as much as shocking blues push fiery oranges forward.


Image by mamita

The flora and fauna featured in Mamita’s portfolio harken back to the feel of beloved classic illustrations featured in almanacs and encyclopedias. When these image are collaged into patterns or formatted for packaging, we’re served illustrations touching upon the resurgence of vintage-themed content.

Top image by Tasiania