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This summer, we announced that we were celebrating our 10th anniversary in a very special way: by awarding Shutterstock contributors with a total of $75,000 in artistic grants. To enter, contributing photographers, illustrators, and videographers needed to create a video sharing their personal Shutterstock Stories.

And share they did: submissions came in from 39 countries around the world, representing one of the one most diverse groups of artists to be found anywhere online. Last month, we announced the finalists, and then it fell to the judges to select the five $5,000 winners and one $25,000 grand-prize winner, as well as to the people themselves, who selected our $25,000 People’s Choice winner through online votes.

It was no easy task. All of the entries were impressive, and every story deserved to be heard. In the end, though, the judges made the hard decisions, and the winners were chosen. Read on to see who they are, and to watch their Stories for yourself.

$25,000 Winner (Judges’ Choice)

Paul Prescott

Photographer/Filmmaker – Correze, France

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“All of our winning videos were inspiring, but Paul’s video brought it all together for me: the global outlook of our contributors,
their creativity, their passion, and the idea that working with Shutterstock has granted them freedom.”

– Thilo Semmelbauer, Shutterstock President/COO

$25,000 Winner (People’s Choice)

Beto Chagas

Photographer – Sao Paulo, Brazil

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“We’re thrilled
to congratulate Beto on winning the People’s Choice grant. Thousands of people around the world voted for him — a testament to his story and exceptional photography. ”

– Meagan Kirkpatrick, Shutterstock Communications Director

$5,000 Winners (Judges’ Choice)

Aff Marshall

Photographer/Filmmaker – Bronx, New York, USA

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“I loved his cinematic approach to storytelling and I got a really good sense of who he was as a photographer by his interactions with subjects and the sincerity of his intention.”

– Annie Werner, Tumblr

Franck Camhi

Photographer – Paris, France

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“Franck is very gifted. His story was simple, elegant and very effective.”

– Geralyn Dreyfous, Film Producer & Philanthropist

Susan Schmitz

Photographer – Phoenix, AZ, USA

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“One of the best things about Susan’s work was the surprising emotion she was able to draw out of the animals. As a storyteller, I really loved that her images were more than mere photos; they evoked feelings and reactions.”

– Nicole Stipp, Marketing & Communications Specialist, kate spade new york

Fernando Gregory

Photography/Filmmaker – Mexico City, Mexico

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“My absolute and unbeatable super fave! One of the best portfolios I’ve ever seen.”

Anja Kaiser, Graphic Artist

Maaike Boot

Illustrator – The Hague, Netherlands

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“Maaike’s expressive images so perfectly reflect her passion and need for spontaneity, travel, and inspiration to foster her creativity. Her story is a strong statement for personal freedom and the power of creativity.”

– Liz Lapp, Shutterstock Curator

“To hear what inspires our artists was an incredibly rewarding process,” said Meagan Kirkpatrick, who oversees Global Communications at
Shutterstock. “We hope these grants provide a resource for contributors to do even more with their talent, and that sharing their stories will encourage others to pursue their own creative passions.”

Judges for Shutterstock Stories included Academy Award® winning film producer Geralyn White Dreyfous; Head Future Media’s of Creative & Design Group, Declan Gough; top Shutterstock contributor Anja Kaiser; Tumblr’s Annie Werner; Nicole Stipp of kate spade new york and Shutterstock Founder/CEO Jon Oringer. The seventh was determined by a public vote, with nearly 17,000 votes being cast during a ten-day period.