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Explore our new Shutterstock Editor to simplify and speed up design creation through ready-to-use templates and intuitive editing features.

We, at Shutterstock, are excited to offer a new and improved version of the Shutterstock Editor to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and merchants create stunning brand designs, regardless of technical or artistic expertise. The Editor is completely free, and will make it easy to produce and share engaging designs through ready-to-use templates and user-friendly editing features. 

Here’s what to expect from the latest version of the Editor.

New Templates with Easy Download Functionality

Editor Templates

We’re thrilled to release new Editor templates that are free to edit and download, making it easy for small business owners to produce and share their creations. These design templates provide a background image that corresponds to sample copy and are ready to use so users can quickly edit (or not) and have a polished design to push across different campaigns. 

The array of new designs will empower all users to create eye-catching brand visuals without starting from scratch. 

Design Templates Made Specifically for Social Media and Print

The Editor now offers templates that are optimized for social media and print. Users can now easily create banners, ads, or posts that are pre-sized for social media channels, and also take advantage of ready-to-print templates for gift certificates, business cards, and more.

This new feature takes the headache out of resizing designs and will ensure assets will look beautiful across social media and in print. 

Text Blocks Made Easy

Within design templates, text blocks found in the text panel also provide a variety of text layouts in different fonts and colors. They can be paired with a background image or color to create a design with a prominent linked call-to-action or text-based information. The size, font, color, and position are all editable.

New and Improved Editing Features

Editing Features

We’ve also dramatically simplified the user interface to provide access to features in a way that eliminates confusion, maximizes canvas space, and provides clear navigation from one step to the next. 

The image editing features available in the Shutterstock Editor include: 

  • Crop
  • Thirteen filters
  • Brightness
  • Saturation
  • Colorify
  • Contrast
  • Hue rotation
  • Temperature
  • Exposure
  • Vignette
  • Blur
  • Borders
  • Alignment
  • Horizontal and vertical flip
  • And more

Tip: Be sure to check out pointers on how to quickly and easily edit your images.

New Vectorized PDF Capabilities to Support Printing

Business Cards

We also know how critical it is that images look crisp and beautiful across prints of any size, whether it’s a business card, mug, or marketing flyers.

In order to ensure the quality of images for different sizing specifications, we’re rolling out support for vectorized PDF files, which can be scaled up or down without making images blurry or losing clarity. This is ideal for printing:

This feature is currently in beta. Users who use drop shadow and transparency features in Editor will not be able to use Vectorized PDF download functionality. 

Accessible Editing Modes 

The new Editor also offers new theming and customization features, including Dark and Light mode. These accessibility modes are simpler to work with (easier on the eyes) and are similar to what can be expected from editing platforms across the industry. 

Dark Mode 

Dark Mode Editor
Image via BongkarnGraphic.

Light Mode

Light Mode Editor
Image via shurkin_son.

Start Creating Beautiful Designs Today

Our new Shutterstock Editor will empower users to create stunning brand designs, even if they have little-to-no design or technical background. In turn, small business owners, merchants, and entrepreneurs alike can deliver strong product experiences that will delight their audiences and impact their businesses for the better. 

Check out the Shutterstock Editor today.

Cover image via FreshPaint.