We’re introducing a few changes to our customer terms of service and would like to keep you, our contributors, updated. As with any changes we make, we have given careful consideration to how we can increase value to both contributors and customers as we continue to grow.

To provide greater flexibility and to meet our customers’ needs, we recently changed our monthly subscription from 25 image downloads per day to 750 per month for customers in the US and Canada. For customers outside the US and Canada, we’ve added more flexibility to available payment options. Now all customers can buy an annual subscription and pay monthly instead of the complete amount up front. In addition, we’ve combined the terms for images and video into one agreement for customers who purchase both content types.

You’ll also notice that indemnification is now per image or video rather than per customer, increasing legal protection. This provides our customers with even more confidence when downloading content from Shutterstock.

We have extended print reproductions to 500,000 and removed the cap for email recipients, app users, and e-book downloads in our Standard License. Also in our Standard License, image use in film, video and multimedia presentations, and advertising for broadcast, public performance, or streaming will change from a cap of 250,000 viewers to be limited to productions with a budget of no more than $10,000.

These and other changes — the full new customer terms of service can be viewed here — are carefully designed to provide the best possible opportunities for our contributors. By offering terms that are on parity with our market, we expect to continue to add more customers who are happy to download your content.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us through our support team.

Top image: Flat design workplace concept by theromb