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Announcing the new Image Background Remover in Shutterstock Editor. Removing backgrounds in your images has never been so quick and easy. Try it today!

In the three years since we launched Editor, our image editing and design app, we’ve been enhancing it to bring you new tools and functions that help you create impressive designs. We know that professional design software is not only expensive, but also tricky to use. Our goal has always been to bring you the same powerful functions that you see in these programs, without the need for extensive training. We’ve introduced templates, layer workflows, and image editing tools that put professional design at your fingertips. Now we’re adding Editor’s most powerful feature yet – the image background remover.

One of the most requested tools in Editor, the image background remover lets you isolate objects from the background of an image. It makes it easy to cut out an object and place it on another canvas or in another design. This advanced feature has long been a staple of any pro designer’s toolkit – now Editor users can achieve the same results in a few easy steps. See the image background remover in action.

Background Remover in Shutterstock Editor

The tool works by identifying objects based on contrast between the foreground and background of an image. It will approximate the shape of the cut out, then you can tweak it to get a precise outline. When you’re happy with the outline, simply apply your changes and the background will be removed. You’ll be left with an image on a transparent background, which you can then place on a new image or design.

Ready to remove some backgrounds? Open Shutterstock Editor, pick an image, and license it to begin using this tool.

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