meAndrejs Pidjass has been a Shutterstock contributor since 2006, and since then has added over 12,000 images to the Shutterstock collection. They include business, travel, health, beauty and concept shots that are consistent favorites of Shutterstock customers. Pidjass shoots a Nikon D700 and is based in Latvia.

“I try not to limit myself with popular stock themes that are in high demand,” Pidjass says. “I create images that I personally love, and then share them with the whole world via Shutterstock.

“My favorite image is always the last one I did. I fall in love with every new photoshoot, and hope it will stay so. But there is one image that is very important to me. It all started with this shot. [Editor’s note: pictured above.] It became very popular and from that moment I understood that photography is what I should continue to work on.”

You can view a selection of Andrejs Pidjass’s images below, and visit his gallery on Shutterstock to see more.

Beautiful young woman jumping on a beach at sunset by Nejron Photo
Abstract Colorful Background by Nejron Photo
Young Couple in Love Outdoors by Nejron Photo
Creative Face Paint by Nejron Photo
Group of Adorable Toddlers Looking at Something
Young Businessman Holding Mobile Phone
Fast Moving Cars at Night by Nejron Photo
Elderly Man’s Face Over Black Background
Big Ocean Wave Breaking The Shore

Top Image: Superstar Crowded by Paparazzi by Nejron Photo