When the resources to create new and interesting content stagnate, agile content creation becomes a vital part of any team’s marketing strategy. Learn the hows and whys of agile content creation in this simple breakdown.

All marketers can relate to the consistency of change. Change is inevitable and constant in marketing, and even more so in an increasingly digital world. Agility is an admirable characteristic in a marketing team, and it’s equally desirable in the content creation process.

Content creators must navigate new ideas from stakeholders, new innovative trends, and distribution channels and formats that are constantly changing. Marketers need to be prepared for these unexpected challenges and opportunities. One sure way to do this is to provide teams with the means to adapt their content creation processes.

Agile Marketers Create Agile Content

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Agile Content Creation — Agile Marketers Create Agile Content

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Marketers are under regular pressure to produce content that delivers results. That pressure comes from chief stakeholders, as well as customers who expect engaging and interesting content experiences.

Expectations on marketing continue to rise year after year, but the bandwidth and resources to meet those demands often remains stagnant. Traditional content creation workflows make it difficult to generate a constant stream of new creative resources.

As a result more teams are transitioning to agile marketing and agile content creation and seeing real benefits such as:

  • Agile marketing helps creative teams become more productive. According to Forbes, 64% of marketers want to create more in less time with fewer resources. Content that’s out the door at fast rates increases opportunities for new business.
  • Agile solutions drive innovation. When innovative solutions go viral, marketers need to keep up with those breakthroughs. Marketers with agile workflows take innovation in stride, opening up new opportunities to create agile content.
  • Content consumption has become a multi-platform, multi-touchpoint experience. But those types of end experiences come more convoluted production cycles. Agile marketing aligns the creative team and streamlines the creative process.

Agile Execution Keeps Teams Focused and Intact

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Agile Content Creation — Agile Execution

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Marketing plays a large role in the acquisition and expansion of sales and new business for many companies. However, marketing departments are often still the first casualties of cost-cutting measures when a business faces financial challenges.

According to executive search firm Spencer Stuart, the average tenure for Chief Marketing Officers at 100 of the top US ad spending brands fell to 42 months. CMOs have the highest turnover rate of all C-suite positions among Fortune 500 brands.

Greg Welch, Spencer Stuart’s Consumer Practice consultant, says CMOs face increasingly difficult business demands.

“Tough business headwinds, new technologies and pressures to change quickly. It’s a perfect storm.”

Declining sales and profitability is often the catalyst for change. Marketing’s role, from a business perspective, is to fuel sales with content that stimulates revenues. If the numbers move in the wrong direction, stakeholders are quick to make a change.

Use Innovative Solutions to Create Agile Content

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Agile Content Creation — Innovative Solutions

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You need to keep up with consumer demand, but ensure the content maintains the standards and integrity of your brand identity. Remember that there is a financial cost to inconsistent content. Avoid that trap by calibrating your visual identity with clear and concise guidelines.

Once you define your brand identity, use technology to create content at agile rates. License images or footage from full collections of high-quality, curated content. Promote more content and reduce the time or resources required to produce it.

You can also incorporate music into your existing content. Suppose you’re running a campaign through Instagram Stories, and need a little audio to improve the narrative of the content. Select a track from an archive of appropriate music so people remember the sound with the look and feel of your brand.

You can also create custom content specifically for your brand. Remove the logistical challenges of creating unique content, and differentiate your brand from everyone else online.

Agile Content Delivers Results

Agile content creation delivers scalable results when effectively implemented. Keep your brand moving towards new opportunities with a little agility in your creative process.

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