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A Groundhog Day Caper with Some of Our Cutest Critters

“Groundhog Day” by Corey Smith

This Saturday, February 2, is Groundhog Day in North America — a lighthearted holiday that gives the lovable rodent also known as the woodchuck the chance to predict the weather. The most famous prognosticator is Punxsutawney Phil (thanks in no small part to Bill Murray), but he’s far from the only one. Come tomorrow, groundhogs far and wide will be emerging from their burrows to look for their shadows and offer their takes on whether or not we’ll be lucky enough to have an early spring this year.

“Give Me Five” by Miroslav Halama

In celebration of all this furry animal fun, we dug up a groundhog of our own from the Shutterstock collection (we’re calling him Terrence), and it turns out he’s planning a heist while everyone is distracted by all the festivities. Crafty, indeed. As you can see, Terrence is calling for five accomplices to join his crew. Fortunately, we’ve got them too.

“Silly Raccoon” by Becky Sheridan

This is Rocky. He’s the infiltrator and the safecracker. There’s no security system Rocky can’t sneak around, and no barrier that he can’t handle. (He’s especially adept at getting into sealed trashcans, attics, and basements.) Rocky’s the guy who will get the rest of Terrence’s team inside.

“Domestic Baby Rabbit” by Photobac

Gus is the brains of the operation. He may look small and fluffy, but you can see his extreme intellect in his eyes, and in that look of sheer determination on his face. He’ll make sure there are no flaws in the plan, and that everything will go off without a hitch — but not without a hutch.

“Guinea Pig” by Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova

Lou here is the muscle. He’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he’s extremely loyal, and he’ll be sure to get everyone’s back. The gang is hoping not to run into any interference during their heist, but in case they do, Lou will be the one to handle it.

“Red Squirrel” by USBFCO

Marcus is the lookout. He’s quick, agile, and possessed of an extremely keen eye. With this guy on watch, they’ll see trouble coming from miles away. Of course, with this gang, there’s no way to fully avoid the fuzz.

“Fennec Fox” by Hagit Berkovich

Rounding out the group is Timmy, the getaway driver… who has fallen asleep! No one is going to be happy about this, but we’re sure Gus has planned for every eventuality. At least we hope so.

Either way, Happy Groundhog Day from Shutterstock and the Groundhog Gang!

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