The bright colors and vibrant visuals common in food photography and video make it a perfect pairing for the creative industry. For our newest infographic, the Shutterstock data team took a look at the food world, discovering which styles, snacks, and ingredients have been trending across the globe this year. Sifting through 12 months of Shutterstock download data, we learned what types of cuisine are most popular, where food trends are heating up, and which styles of food imagery are on the rise.

We also partnered with top chefs and food experts to curate exclusive collections of imagery inspired by street food, clean eating, and more top trends. PremiumBeat artist Olive Musique then selected a soundtrack for each collection, showing that food can go beyond the plate to become a treat for all your senses.

Scroll on to see the year’s top food trends, and go in depth with our full “Feast” infographic to hear the musical pairings and explore each of the chefs’ curated collections.

See each of the chefs’ curated collections below:

Explore all the images used to create this infographic in our 2015 Food Trends lightbox »

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