This Sunday, millions of people will be honoring their dads with wishes, gifts, and quality time, as Father’s Day is celebrated in dozens of countries around the world. Here at Shutterstock, we’re marking the occasion by paying tribute not only to our own patriarchs, but also to some of pop-culture’s most memorable dads. We’ve chosen six of the most enduring family men from the annals of film and TV history and distilled them down to their iconic essences.

Check out the posters we created for these big- and small-screen legends, using a trio of Shutterstock images for each one to tip you off to their identities. See if you can guess them all, and then let us know which is your favorite — and who else would make your list — in the comments. Of course, we’re not saying all of these guys are good models for fatherhood (most are far from it); we’re just saying we love them despite their flaws.

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