We’ve partnered with our friends at global photography site Feature Shoot to spotlight some of the most compelling images in our Offset collection. This week, we witness mystical beach scenes as a dense fog obscures the landscape.

When Sonia and Ryan Rickett, the husband and wife duo behind photography team Rickett and Sones, discovered the sequestered beachside of Little Dume in Malibu, California, they stepped into another world — a landscape of rocky crags overgrown with layers of moss and seagrass. In summer, they witnessed a fog, or “June Gloom,” descend over the terrain, obscuring the boundaries of land and sea.

For their “Dume Gloom” series, the photographers traveled in the haze of early morning to the shores of the sparsely populated beach, capturing the mist before it dissipated with the breaking day. The fog, they explain, often remains throughout the day, but thins as the hours pass. To enhance the sensation of the dense vapor, they used long exposures, ranging from two to twenty minutes, allowing the ephemeral waves to merge with the persistent fog. Here, the mystical landscape emerges as if on the verge of dissolving, existing at the border of the concrete and the intangible, the real and the illusory.

Rocks Covered with Sea Smoke by Rickett and Sones

Two years ago, Rickett and Sones relocated from Malibu to Los Angeles, and they look back fondly on their days at Little Dume and the mystical beach that they could access simply by walking through their backyard. Although the beach will soon become public, they were drawn to their former home for the solitude of the beachside, a space that became to them like a secret haven. As Ryan says, “Every day we lived there, we were humbled by the energy of the place. We felt like it was our own private spiritual sanctuary.”

Moss on a Rock Covered with Sea Smoke by Rickett and Sones

Wet Coastline Covered with Sea Smoke by Rickett and Sones

Rocks Covered with Sea Smoke with Rickett and Sones

Seacoast Covered with Sea Smoke by Rickett and Sones

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Top Image: Rocks Covered with Sea Smoke by Rickett and Sones.

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