There have been several articles floating (or shall we say flying?) around the web lately about the myriad of tiny creatures that inhabit our planet, and which among them might be the most attractive of their species. (See the New York Times, for example). Being that we have a rather large number of these fruitful critters in our collection, we felt we should get in on the action. From beetles to butterflies, here are some of our favorite macro photographs of bugs. We must warn you, however: this may make it a bit harder to slam the book down the next time you come across one of our multi-legged (or winged) friends.

Detailed view of Phiddipus Regius jumping spidertomatito

Closeup of a bee with pollen on its headJoseph Calev

Macro butterflySaruri

Black Swallowtail larve on a celery stemTyler Fox

Human fingers holding a beetle closeup | Korionov


Big flyKaren Grigoryan

Pyrrhosoma Nymphula | tomatito

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