We’ve officially hit peak ’90’s revival. The zeitgeist is churning out remakes, reunions, and tributes faster than you can say “Who loves orange soda?” In 2016 alone, Netflix premiered the Full House sequel, Fuller House; Nickelodeon launched a programming block on TeenNick dedicated to airing ’90s reruns and announced movie treatments for Legends of the Hidden Temple and Hey Arnold!; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles released the second installment of its Hollywood reboot; and several ‘90s shows have had nostalgia-ridden reunions on late night television.

But the boom in nostalgia for the Saturday morning lineup of yore has left out an important and unforgettable piece: the commercials.

Remember the ’90s commercials that sold you everything from green goo to collectible cardboard discs? The genration who grew up with these ads are now in their 20s and 30s, and the products they worship have transitioned from Easy-Bake Ovens and Socker Boppers to grocery delivery services and ride-sharing apps. That got us thinking: What would it look like if the products young adults use – the apps and services that define millennial culture – were branded and marketed in the style of the 90s? What if the ads for these products were just like the commercials we used to marvel at every Saturday morning?

Go deeper into ‘90s revival with these commercials for modern brands, made in the style of the ‘90s. These videos were created with clips, images, music, and more from Shutterstock’s collection.

A dating app gets weird with high-intensity colors, patterns, and characters.

Dating apps are the next evolution of love, and BOY! are they evolving quickly – there’s a new one popping up every day. But who needs new when you have the ‘90s? This commercial for SwipeMate, inspired by an ad for Nickelodeon Gak, sells you all the advantages of an uber-modern service with a throwback feel, including liberal use of the fish-eye lens, an over-enthusiastic voice-over, and thrilling sound effects.

A fermented tea served with an anti-authority twist.

Kombucha is the latest liquid craze, hailed for its gut-calming and immune-boosting properties. But we gave this brand a treatment that’s anything but soothing, inspired by this wacky ad for Bubble Tape. Pop art style graphics, in-your-face colors, and an anti-authority, talk-to-the-hand attitude give Kalmbucha an undeniable ‘90s commercial look and feel.

A home sharing app comes complete with sparkles and a dreamy jingle.

Home sharing is taking over, and everyone is looking for ways to convert their extra closet space into a five star B&B. Now you can dream bigger than a stranger’s second bedroom in this commercial for Borrow-A-Home, inspired by this Barbie Dream House ad. With the undeniable ’90s jingle, rosy pink tint, and shimmering sparkles, you won’t notice the thin layer of dust covering everything you see, including that cat in the corner.

What commercials do you fondly remember from the 90s? Let us know in the comments below!

Check out some of the totally ’90s image, footage, and music assets that we used to make these videos.