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Illustrated” is a curated collection of vivid and unique illustrations from the Offset collection that animate life from imaginative perspectives. What we find most unique about our illustrators is the different artistic styles that they bring to our collection, from editorial approaches to storybook styles.

We’ve highlighted 8 creative contributors who represent a global look at both 2D works on paper and digital design, from Tokyo to Barcelona to Seoul. Each brings a variety of interests and media to their practice, including stage design, architecture, and music. Scroll on to see a sampling of their work, then explore our hand-picked collection of illustrations from these Offset artists.

Takahiro Suganuma

Takahiro’s illustrations portray real-life, everyday moments and imaginative narrative scenes. Created by digitally manipulating acrylic paintings, the Tokyo-based artist’s beautiful compositions have appeared in numerous books and publications.

Takahiro Suganuma | Strawberry tart with slice removed 

Yevgenia Nayberg

A native of Kiev, Yevgenia is an award-winning illustrator, painter, and stage designer. Her paintings have been featured in solo exhibitions in New York City (where she currently resides), Miami, Los Angeles, and Moscow, as well as in numerous international group art shows. She has designed sets and costumes for more than 40 theatrical productions and her illustrations have appeared in magazines and children’s books, as well as on album covers, book covers, and theater posters.

Yevgenia Nayberg | Man sleeping at a dinner table surrounded by cups

Judy Kaufmann

Judy, a Barcelona-based illustrator, likes to draw animals, people, houses, cars, and trees repetitively. She gets her inspiration from what she doesn’t understand, what she doesn’t know how to do, and what she’s not. Her original style has attracted major clients such as Thames & Hudson, Cinemania, Wetransfer, Google UK, Rapha, and Levi’s. As a complement to her career, she collaborates annually with the University of Barcelona as an instructor of creativity for advertising students.

Iker Spozio

Iker is a London-based illustrator, engraver, and painter whose work is inspired by music. He designed and created the artwork for The Ptolemaic Terrascope, an English psychedelic music magazine; worked for record labels including Deutsche Grammophon; created materials for clubs and venues across Europe; and collaborated with Colleen, Hauschka, and other artists. His illustrations have appeared in publications including Le Monde, El País, and books by Taschen.

Iker Spozio | Graphic illustration of two women

Gabriela Zurda

Gabriela Zurda is the alias of the Cartagena, Spain-based illustrator Josué Noguera. A former architecture student, Josué has a degree in illustration from the Art School of Murcia, where he studied with the author Alfred Sommer Genies. As Gabriela Zurda, he creates comics featuring wild color palettes and geometric shapes with smooth edges. His first comic book — Momento de Duda, a collection of seven short stories — was published in 2013. .

Gabriela Zurda | Astronaut floating in space 

Rupert Van Wyk

Rupert works with both digital and classical mediums en plein air to create images that have been published by some of the main editorial houses in the UK, Italy, and South Korea. His clients include The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, Ask Magazine, Oxford University Press, Frances Lincoln Publishing, Scholastic, and Pearson Education. He lives and works in Ravenna, Italy.

Rupert Van Wyk | Busy brick street, late evening, NYC

Nick Ogonosky

Nick is a freelance illustrator based in Northeastern Pennsylvania. His work has a strong graphic aesthetic, coupled with the use of found or homemade textures. These elements are further enhanced by the way he abstracts forms and figures in his illustrations. The end result is an illustrative style that comfortably lends itself to a wide range of markets and applications, including editorial, advertising, children’s books, and posters. His clients include Pepsi, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and Scientific American.

Nick Ogonosky | Illustration of couple with needles

Donghyun Lim

Donghyun is a freelance illustrator based in Seoul, Korea whose style is characterized by a soft and clean color palette and concise form. His work has appeared in both editorial environments and advertisements.

Donghyun Lim | Ice cream truck on a blue background 

Top Image: Illustration of man jumping through hoop by Nick Ogonosky.

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