If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to find in your social-media feeds, it’s photos of food. Sushi, ice-cream cones, a half-eaten hot dog from a street vendor — you name it, it’s likely to make an appearance on your screen. And if you’re one of those who can’t resist the urge to snap your latest culinary finds, we’ve got some tips for you on making your images as mouthwatering as possible.
Sushi image by HLPhoto

Clean It Up!

Like a photographer giving direction to a model, you need to get that plate in order. Limit the number of items in the photo by pushing your fork or glass to the side. Use the original plating if you’re at a more formal restaurant, or move your food around to get a more aesthetic look. Keep your veggies bunched together, and take a napkin to places where sauce was sloppily spread. And don’t forget, you can turn the plate too.

Cheese-tart image by Bartosz Luczak

Lights, Camera, Action

Natural light or a softbox are a photographer’s friends, but that midnight sushi bar won’t have either. Use whatever is on hand — overhead fluorescents, tea lights on the table, light from the street — and aim for the angle with the least shadows. And, while it’s tempting, skip the flash. It will wash out your subject if you’re in a darkened space.

Parfait image by IMG_191 LLC

The Right Angle

That plate of tacos looks great from where you’re sitting, but it’s may not be the best angle for sharing with others. Go for an overhead view, where your whole plate is featured. Or, if you’re set on shooting from an angle, follow your light source — it will show you where the best angle is.

Blackberries image by saras66

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

For the best food-centric photo, you need to get in there. Zoom in as much as you can, or go the old-fashioned way and lean in close. If you’re using your phone, you’ll want to find the sweet spot — not too fuzzy, not too distant.

Turkey-breast image by Audi Dela Cruz

Avoid the Filters

Once you’ve captured your perfect shot, avoid using filters if you can. While you can add a nice golden glow, it’s better to offer up your image as purely as you can. Don’t forget to tag the restaurant you visited and what you ordered. If your photo looks good, everyone might want a bite.

Canapes image by sarsmis

Finally, Be Nice!

Next to your impromptu photo shoot, a couple is trying to eat in peace. Have care for diners around you. If you’re in an aisle, take your photos quickly and sit back down. Avoid flashes, and don’t cause too much trouble for your server. If you want people to like what you’re doing, go ahead and start at the table.