Developing today’s digital media industry means learning from filmmakers outside the box. Check out these 6 women who can teach you about film and video, while inspiring you to create.

It’s no secret that traditional media industries are mostly male-dominated. Promoting women creators is incredibly important in helping this new digital industry evolve, while inspiring the next generation of filmmakers to create a space more diverse than its predecessors.

The following six women filmmakers’ high-quality YouTube content can help change the way you think about digital video creation.

1. Lizzie Peirce

Lizzie is a Canadian vlogger who creates diverse, high-quality videos — from tips on how to make money as an amateur photographer to tricks on how to edit like a pro. Her expertise in the content creation space is evident throughout her videos. Her content is full of concrete advice, and she can help teach you new technical skills or simply inspire your next project.

2. Becki from “Becki and Chris”

Becki and her husband Chris co-run the channel Becki and Chris. However, it’s no secret that, behind the scenes, Becki is the one doing most of the work to bring their videos to life. Their channel covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from tutorials to helicopters to home decor. You’re immediately compelled to find something that piques your interest.

3. Iz Harris

Iz is best known for her incredible storytelling and cinematic approach to the traditional travel vlog. The fact that she started posting videos on YouTube just over a year ago, without knowing much about the platform, has resulted in a unique style of filmmaking. Through a combination of visually compelling drone shots, artful storytelling, and a fun sense of humor, Iz creates amazing, high-quality films you should consider when looking for a new source for inspiration.

4. Lucy Martin

Do you have questions about Lightroom? Or need general advice on mastering your camera? Lucy is the perfect innovator. Her expertise in photo editing covers a wide variety of subjects, ranging from how to save your own custom presets to recreating popular looks in Lightroom. Her distinct insight will broaden your skill-set and inspire both photographers and videographers.

5. Sorelle Amore

Sorelle is a digital nomad, best known for her invention of the “advanced selfie,” which sounds exactly like what it is. Her talents, however, aren’t limited to photography. Her videos cover many topics, including how to get through creative block, to how to improve your video skills. Her constant hunger for new destinations blends well with her never-ending creativity, producing videos that will motivate you to get out of the house and shoot something.

6. Atola Visuals

Kitty, from Atola Visuals, is constantly producing quality content that will challenge you to improve as a filmmaker. That can involve inspiration from cinematic vlogs, or reviewing the latest piece of tech (she’s especially knowledgeable about gimbals). If you’re trying to figure out what to upgrade next or just how to improve as a filmmaker, Kitty’s channel is the perfect place to begin.

Cover image via ImageBySutipond.

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