The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival officially kicked off last night, meaning that for the next 11 days, New Yorkers (and visiting cinephiles) will be treated to dozens of motion-picture events, from feature debuts and themed shorts programs to celebrity talks and industry insights.

Shutterstock is proud to be an official Industry Sponsor of this year’s event, and while we’re frantically juggling our schedules to figure out how to catch as many great films as possible, we’ve taken special note of all the intriguing documentaries showing at festival venues over the next week and a half.

TFF selected Time Is Illmatic to officially launch the fest, putting docs squarely in the spotlight with a look back at the making of hip-hop icon Nas’ career-defining album. Here are six other Tribeca documentaries we’re excited to see, so keep an eye out for them all as they make their way to screens near you.

Art and Craft

One of the art world’s most curious figures, Mark Landis is an expert art forger who created fake masterpieces not for profit, but for some other internal need. After fooling many, he was finally exposed, but his schizophrenia makes the story far more complicated. This film explores Landis’ unique world while questioning the nature of art itself.

Dior and I

One of the entries in the World Documentary Competition, Dior and I is the latest fashion-industry foray by noted filmmaker Frédéric Tcheng. Focusing on Raf Simons’ taking of the Artistic Director reins, the film explores the development of a new haute couture line and the many creative labors (and laborers) involved in bringing such a highly anticipated collection to life.

Regarding Susan Sontag

Susan Sontag was one of the 20th Century’s most fearless, profound, and inspiring voices. Whether focusing on war, politics, or art, there was nothing she would shy away from, and she lived her life as boldly and intentionally as she delivered her words. Through a mixture of archival footage, art, and readings by Patricia Clarkson, this must-see composition examines the life of an icon for free thinkers and activists everywhere. (Regarding Susan Sontag will also premiere on HBO later this year.)

An Honest Liar

Much like Harry Houdini, James “The Amazing” Randi followed his rise to fame as a magician with an unending quest to debunk those around him who claimed to have true magical abilities. Now an octogenarian, Randi remains steadfast in his desire to expose charlatans, but not without revealing some deceptions of his own. Everyone from Alice Cooper (himself the subject of a Tribeca doc this year) to Bill Nye makes an appearance in this entertaining look at the ways in which we let ourselves be fooled.

All About Ann

Becoming the first elected female governor of Texas was no small feat, but keeping the role was another challenge entirely. One of recent history’s most charismatic and forward-thinking politicians, Ann Richards had a major challenge on her hand when she was opposed for the office by the far-less (if at all) liberal George W. Bush. If you can’t catch this one in NYC, you won’t have to wait long to see it — All About Ann gets its HBO premiere later this month.

Beyond the Brick

Is there anyone who doesn’t love LEGO? Probably, but we still haven’t met them. And you won’t find them here, either. Dubbed a “brickumentary,” Beyond the Brick offers an irresistible overview of the global impact of everyone’s favorite building blocks. From aficionado conventions to art projects and corporate installations, there’s no end to the ways in which people have been inspired by this seemingly simple creation that became its own creative medium.

What else are you excited about that’s screening at TFF this year? Let us know in the comments below!