There’s just a little over a week left before submissions close in our 10th-anniversary artistic-grant program, and if you’re a Shutterstock contributor who hasn’t shared your story yet, we still want to hear from you. Don’t forget, your submission to Shutterstock Stories could score you a share of $75,000 in grants!

If you’ve been thinking about entering, but you’re getting stuck creating your submission, we wanted to provide some helpful tips on how to make a great Stories video, courtesy of Shutterstock Curator Liz Lapp. Keep these 5 things in mind when you set up your camera and you should have no problem wowing the judges.

Bright Idea1. Tell us what makes your story unique

Shutterstock has thousands of contributors, and they’re all working hard to create great imagery. Your story should focus on the interesting facts and details that make you stand out from the crowd. Did you take an unexpected path to becoming a contributor? Is there something special about your personal style or how you create your work? Let us know what your art means to you and/or how you developed your craft.

2. Don’t oversell Shutterstock

This is a chance for you to tell your own story. Make it all about you and your work. We’re not looking for our biggest cheerleaders here; we’re looking for our most passionate and dedicated artists with a tale to tell. We already know you love us. We love you too. We just want to get to know you better!

3. Don’t try to sell us on your portfolio

Shutterstock Stories are less about the final result than the process behind it. Your work is already available for everyone to see on the site. Show and tell us about the things we can’t see by looking at your portfolio. Why do you do what you do? How do you do it? Could you imagine yourself doing anything differently?

4. Share your plans for using the grant

If you win $25,000 with your story, what will you do with the money? Fund an art project or idea? Buy more studio space? Tell us what receiving an artistic grant would mean for you, your career, and your creativity.

5. Don’t worry about your video skills

If you’re not a videographer, that’s OK. We’re not overly concerned with your technical skills; we’d much rather see how much creativity you can bring to sharing your story. It’s the contents of the package we’re interested in here (that’s you!), not the fancy wrapping paper.

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments below!

Shutterstock Stories submissions are being accepted until Friday, August 30 at 11:59pm EDT. Full rules and submission guidelines are available here. Happy storytelling!