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5 Reasons to Use Video In Presentations

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If you’re looking for a way to get your presentation to stand out and really captivate your audience, look to the video. Not only are videos easy to publish inside of PowerPoint, but they can deliver results. Adding a video or two will break up your slides in a smooth and effective way that will keep your audience more focused and engaged with the overall content. Here are five ways that video presentations can make all the difference:

1. Tell stories and provoke emotional responses

Mother kissing her child by Nejron Photo

We’ve all witnessed either boring or stale presentations that are text-heavy and where every slide seems to resemble the previous one. It’s easy to improve the viewer’s experience through video, which utilizes sight and sound to reel the the audience in. We connect better through visual accompaniment. Moreover, it will lead to a more enjoyable experience producing the presentation, as a short clip will give someone a better idea of your vision or approach, and more efficiently. Everyone benefits.

2. Communicate more with less

Rising markets chart by Aaliya Landholt

Presentations often go long because the presenter tries to cram too much information into some of his or her slides. Take advantage of video to illustrate processes, movement, and growth. For example, instead of using a static graph to signal an upward tend, use one in motion. It’ll have a greater impact on the viewer. As we have become more reliant on technology in general, you should embrace video as an opportunity to more capably outline complex demonstrations and plot lines.

3. Increase purchase intent

Shopper paying for products by Dmitriy Shironsov

This one is for the business-minded folks. Surveys show that customers respond overwhelmingly more favorably to video ads than to print or banner ones. It’s become the way of the Web to hook people with pre-roll ads before their favorite TV shows or viral videos. If you’re presenting to a potential client, it’s worth investing in these methods of persuasion and brand awareness that have established a new landscape for marketers to reach people.

4. Create atmosphere and add drama

Soft and dynamic motion background by rpancake

It doesn’t have to be a clip or a chart that livens up your presentation — you can achieve the same effect through the use of a motion background. Add text over the moving background and it’s instantly more visually interesting than if it was standalone text. What’s important, though, is to choose a background that won’t be distracting and won’t overpower the other elements. Many textures and graphics come with copyspace built in, making it easy to insert your bullet points amid a more compelling graphic.

5. Break the monotony

The name of the game is variety. To maintain people’s attention for a long period of time, it requires you to anticipate where the trouble spots might occur. Once you reach a more dense or complicated section, quickly follow it up with a video that reinforces that message, making sure that the clip is both distinct and memorable. Viewers will be more likely to recall the information afterward if they have something to hold onto. Concepts and feelings prevail over words and stats, and video offers much-needed breaks in the action to let everything settle in.

Now that you know why you should opt for utilizing video as part of your presentations, check out how to easily add video to your PowerPoints!

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