Let’s be honest – the Santa Claus countdown clocks are in the low double-digits, but some marketers have yet to figure out what they are doing for holiday campaigns. At this point in the game, you might not have a snowflake’s chance in Houston of launching a full-scale, multi-channel holiday campaign in time. But just because you’re the last one to the ugly sweater party doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun. Below are five easy last-minute ideas to get your marketing campaigns in the holiday spirit.

1. Deck the Halls (and Walls and Profiles)

christmas lights chair stock photo
A stack of white and beige pillows and blankets with string lights on vintage wooden chair by Daria Minaeva

You’ve accepted that your entire social profile isn’t going to be made over for the holidays. And that’s okay. But that doesn’t mean you can’t greet social visitors with a festive welcome when they come to your profile looking for seasonal updates. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ all offer the option to pin an update to the top of your profile, giving it prime placement. Whip up a seasonally-relevant update (or cheat and use one from last year) and pin it to your profile to carry you through the new year.

2. Don’t Be a Grinch

holiday shopping busy stock photo
Busy city street people on zebra crossing with white paper bag by Photomika-com

While frantic shopping can turn gift-givers into regular Grinches, it’s an easy win to promote holiday cheer with just a bit of extra effort. Make sure your customer service teams (both online and off) are at the top of their game. Have shipping deadlines clearly posted on online properties to make sure visitors understand their due dates. If you offer online chat or email support, make sure the representatives handling these customer interactions are extra friendly and helpful this season.

3. #AllIWantForChristmasIs a Good Hashtag

christmas presents stock photo
Woman organising beautifuly wrapped vintage christmas presents on wooden background by Andrea Obzerova

Content during the holidays naturally turns toward good food, families coming together, and celebrating special occasions. Even without trying, your content calendar for the next few weeks is probably headed in a festive direction. One of the quickest ways to pull all of your content together into a pseudo-campaign is to brand all of your updates under a unified hashtag.

4. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

christmas cat presents stock photo
Pretty young woman with many gifts by ajlatan

Driving brand engagement doesn’t have to involve months of planning and prepping. Host a holiday-themed sweepstakes with virtually no setup costs by leveraging your existing social and email efforts. This time of year, consumers will jump at nearly any opportunity to win a free product, or even a bonus discount they can redeem during holiday shopping.

To get a sweepstakes off the ground, pick one marketing channel (like email) and tie one action (like a registration or forward) to an entry. Make sure your sweepstakes prize has a holiday theme, like a gift basket or products geared toward cold-weather fun, and you’re ready to run!

5. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Updated Imagery

gingerbread cookies stock photo
Christmas homemade gingerbread cookies on wooden table by haveseen

Possibly the easiest thing you can do to get your marketing in the holiday spirit is to swap in some fun imagery across your online properties. A splash of snowflakes, pine trees, and candlelight can transform your website or social media profile into a welcoming destination. If you need to revamp your holiday design in a hurry, jumpstart your celebration with our selection of themed illustrations and photography >>


Top image: Car carrying a Christmas tree in a snow covered miniature evergreen forest by Melpomene