Blog Home Design Design Inspiration 5 Feline-Friendly Artists You Should Be Following on Shutterstock

We don’t need to tell you that cats are a popular subject on the Internet, but you can count us among the guilty millions who just can’t resist their feline charms. This week we’re spotlighting five Shutterstock contributors who share that fascination, each exhibiting it in his or her own way.

From Starovoitova Nadiia‘s personality-filled watercolors to Linn Currie‘s beyond-adorable animal portraits, the work of our five featured artists captures the essence of some of nature’s most elusive creatures from a variety of perspectives. Click through to check out their full portfolios and start following them for yourself.

Mogens Trolle

Tiny Bunny

Linn Currie

Starovoitova Nadiia

Nailia Schwarz